XDW-GIFTS Solar Powered Lantern Bird Feeder – Enjoy Nature’s Beauty Day and Night





Welcome songbirds to your garden with this innovative solar powered lantern bird feeder from XDW-GIFTS. This cleverly designed feeder combines functionality and beauty to create an enchanting focal point for your yard.

During the day, birds will flock to the feeder to enjoy the seed within. The clear glass allows you to watch the birds up close as they come and go. At night, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity to gently illuminate the mosaic glass, creating a warm, magical glow. It’s a decorative touch that brings life and light to your garden even after the sun goes down.

Convenient Feeder Design

The XDW-GIFTS solar lantern bird feeder is thoughtfully designed for both you and your feathered friends in mind. A large opening at the top provides easy access for refilling with seed. The wide basin accommodates plenty of food to satisfy a flock of hungry birds.

Inside, the smooth glass edges protect delicate wings. And the lifted perches keep birds up out of accumulated seed hulls and droppings in the bottom. This helps keep seeds fresher longer and makes cleaning easier too.

The feeder hangs from an S-hook that allows it to swing gently in the breeze. The free movement helps deter squirrels from stealing the seed.

Beautiful & Functional Solar Light

During the day, the built-in solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. The charge is stored in a battery and used to softly illuminate the decorative glass windows at night.

The solar light is safely encased and sealed from the elements. So despite exposure to weather, the electronics stay clean and dry. The waterproofing also prevents curious squirrels from tampering with the light.

When lit, the mosaic glass casts a warm, mesmerizing glow. The lantern shape and intricate glass panels give off a vintage vibe. Hang it from a tree, post, or hook to add an enchanting sparkle to your garden after sunset.

Decorative Gift for Bird Lovers

With its whimsical design, the XDW-GIFTS solar bird feeder makes a perfect gift for the bird and nature lovers in your life. It’s sure to elicit smiles and appreciation.

The feeder combines visual beauty and daily usefulness. As a functional feeding station, it will attract wild birds for your recipient’s viewing pleasure. And the solar-powered lamp provides elegant ambiance after dark.

Because each piece is lovingly handcrafted, no two are exactly alike. The subtle variations in the glass and metalwork add artisanal charm.

Give the gift of beauty and joy. Watching the feeder come to life with busy, twittering birds and the magical glow of the lamp is sure to brighten your recipient’s days.

Why Choose the XDW-GIFTS Solar Lantern Bird Feeder?

✔ Beautiful & functional design – Feeds birds by day, glows at night

✔ Convenient top access for easy filling & cleaning

✔ Vintage lantern styling with artisan crafted glass

✔ Solar powered light – converts sunlight into illumination after dark

✔ Waterproof sealed light keeps electronics clean & dry

✔ S-hook hanging allows gentle movement to deter squirrels

✔ Handcrafted detail makes each feeder unique

✔ Perfect decorative accent for your garden, patio, or yard

✔ Unique and thoughtful gift for birders and nature lovers


– Materials: Metal, glass, plastic
– Solar light: generates up to 5 hours of illumination after full charge
– Dimensions: 7.5″ diameter x 11.5″ high
– Hanging: Attaches to S-hook (included)
– Capacity:Approx 1.3 quarts of seed

Brighten up your outdoor space while providing for your wild bird neighbors with the XDW-GIFTS Solar Lantern Bird Feeder. This innovatively designed bird feeder combines visual beauty and daily usefulness to create a charming focal point for garden or yard.


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