WETOLS 4-Pack 90 Degree Corner Clamps for Woodworking and DIY Projects



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Align and join wood pieces flawlessly at perfect 90 degree angles with the WETOLS 4-Pack 90 Degree Corner Clamps. These quick spring-loaded clamps make woodworking projects like picture frames, boxes, cabinets, and furniture a breeze to assemble.

Effortless Right-Angle Joinery for All Your Woodworking Projects

Trying to nail or screw perpendicular wood pieces together by eye never turns out quite right. The boards end up slightly crooked and misaligned. Frustrating!

The WETOLS corner clamps take the guesswork and frustration out of assembling right-angle wood joints. Just attach a corner clamp on the inside of each corner, adjust it to fit snugly against both boards, and clamp. The powerful spring-loaded action pulls the wood pieces together at a precise 90 degree angle and holds them in perfect alignment while you glue, nail, or screw.

No more eyeballing and taping boards trying to get things square. These clever clamps make it easy to create clean, professional-looking woodwork joints.

Spring-Loaded Clamps Exert Strong Holding Power

Each durable polyamide corner clamp features an industrial strength spring that exerts impressive gripping force to lock boards in place. The clamping pressure can be easily adjusted with one hand by squeezing the lever.

Slip resistant pads on the clamp arms prevent any marring or scratches. Rubber inserts also help improve grip. These high-performance clamps keep even thick wood stock steady for hassle-free assembly.

Adjustable for Various Material Thicknesses

A sliding arm on each corner clamp allows you to customize the opening width from 3/16” up to 3/4” to accommodate different project needs. Use them when joining thin craft wood or clamp them open wider for heavier lumber and shelving boards.

The instant fastening action works great for aligning pieces for picture frames, decorative boxes, jigs, cabinets, shelving, trim work, and furniture projects. Keep a set in your wood shop or toolbox for woodworking tasks.

Lightweight Clamps for One-Handed Operation

Weighing just over 3 ounces each, these clamps are extremely lightweight and easy to position. The compact size and comfort-grip finger lever allows you to maneuver and operate them with just one hand.

Four color-coded corner clamps are included in a pack so you have enough for framing and box assembly. The bright orange clamps look great in any workshop. When not in use, store them in the included plastic case to keep the clamps protected and organized.

Great for DIYers & Handymen

These versatile quick-action corner clamps are perfect for any home DIYer tackling wood projects. Build picture frames, jewelry boxes, storage crates, shop jigs and more with ease.

Handymen will find the clamps useful for home repair jobs like replacing loose trim or damaged crown molding. Align new pieces seamlessly to existing angles with just a simple squeeze.

They make great gifts for dads, woodworkers and hobbyists on birthdays, Father’s Day, holidays and housewarming. Give the gift of convenience for constructing right-angle wood joints.

WETOLS Corner Clamp Key Features:

  • Set of 4 lightweight 90 degree corner clamps
  • Powerful spring-loaded grip up to 3/4″ thickness
  • Adjustable sliding arms for material 3/16″ to 3/4″ thick
  • Rubber pads prevent marring or scratches
  • One-handed instant fastening operation
  • Color-coded clamps for easy identification
  • Plastic carry case for organized storage

Forget the guesswork and frustration with misaligned corners. Achieve perfect right-angle wood joints with the fastening convenience of the WETOLS 4-Pack 90 Degree Corner Clamps!


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