VTech Busy Learners Discovery Cube – 14 Fun Activities for Baby’s Development



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The VTech Busy Learners Discovery Cube is the ultimate activity center for keeping babies and toddlers happily entertained while learning! With 14 exciting interactive features, this engaging cube encourages little ones to explore through discovery-based play.

This delightful activity cube has 5 fun sides packed with early learning activities. The light-up buttons introduce animal names, sounds, and shapes to build language and cognitive skills. As your little one presses the buttons, they’ll be rewarded with 25 sing-along songs and cute phrases for even more learning fun.

Motion sensors activate sounds and phrases when baby shakes or rolls the cube. This encourages movement and inspires crawling while teaching cause and effect. The lights and sounds attract baby’s attention, stimulating their senses and bringing the cube to life for endless enjoyment.

With so many textures, buttons, colors, lights, music and learning activities, this activity cube provides a full learning experience for infants and toddlers. As your child interacts with each element, they build motor skills, language, sensory development and early STEM skills. The activities grow with your child, keeping them challenged, engaged and having fun as they learn.

The VTech Discovery Cube features:

  • 14 interactive learning activities
  • Light-up animal buttons
  • 25 sing-along songs & melodies
  • Motion sensor for interactive play
  • Textured spinning balls
  • Shape sorter pieces
  • Sliding beads
  • ABC buttons

This toddler activity cube provides an entire early learning center in one small package. The compact cube shape is easy for little hands to manipulate and makes it perfect for tabletop play or on-the-go learning. Wherever you use it, the Discovery Cube surrounds your child with learning possibilities.

The animal-themed cube catches baby’s interest while introducing new vocabulary. Buttons play animal names, sounds and short tunes to build language comprehension. Lights flash with button presses to boost understanding of cause & effect.

Various textures like sliding beads, spinners and a shape sorter teach fine motor skills. Manipulating these elements helps develop the dexterity and coordination needed for future writing and other skills. The ABC buttons introduce early letter awareness too.

With so many activities and sensory elements, the Discovery Cube provides endless early learning play. As your child explores the cube, they gain knowledge and skills across multiple developmental domains. This versatility keeps babies engaged while giving them a rich learning experience. It’s a toy they won’t outgrow for a long time!

The VTech Discovery Cube promotes active play and hands-on learning. It encourages your child to move, touch, listen and see for themselves how the cube works. This discovery-based play boosts curiosity, cognitive growth, and logical thinking – skills that set them up for future academic success.

VTech is the #1 brand for early learning toys, so you can trust their 40+ years of expertise in creating play-based learning tools. The Discovery Cube is made especially for little explorers 6 months to 3 years old. It adapts to your child’s developing abilities, growing with them for years of enjoyment.

Give your little one a head start on early learning with the VTech Discovery Cube. It makes playtime more engaging while laying a foundation in language, motor skills, early literacy, STEM and more. Let their curiosity shine through with this hands-on activity cube!

Product Details:

  • 14 interactive learning activities
  • 25 songs & melodies
  • Light-up animal buttons
  • Motion sensor
  • Textured spinners & beads
  • Shape sorter
  • Sliding ABC beads
  • Develops motor skills, language, cognitive skills, STEM skills
  • Compact cube for tabletop or on-the-go
  • Over 40 playful sounds & phrases
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Age Range: 6 months – 3 years


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