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The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Fitted Mock is the ultimate cold weather base layer designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable when heading outdoors in frigid temperatures. This mock neck top utilizes a dual-layer fabric construction, featuring a brushed interior lining that traps heat close to the body and a smooth, fast-drying exterior layer that wicks away sweat. Strategic stretch-mesh ventilation panels under the arms increase airflow and breathability during activity, without sacrificing critical insulation.

Dual-Layer Fabric Keeps You Warm and Dry

The inner brushed lining features a soft, thermal fleece fabric that feels great against the skin while providing superior warmth. The smooth exterior is made from Under Armour’s signature ColdGear fabric, specially designed to wick moisture away from the body and accelerate evaporation. This inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes while regulating your core body temperature. With both layers working together, you stay comfortably dry without getting clammy or chilled.

Strategic Ventilation Enhances Breathability

While most cold weather gear attempts to seal out the cold entirely, Under Armour took a different approach by integrating ventilated stretch-mesh panels under the arms. This allows built up heat and vapor to escape, increasing airflow circulation and breathability. The rest of the garment still maintains critical insulation to lock in warmth where you need it most. This hybrid construction regulates your core body temperature, keeping you cool during aerobic activity without exposing you to the elements.

4-Way Mechanical Stretch Allows Full Mobility

Built into the fabric is 4-way mechanical stretch that moves naturally in every direction, unrestricted by the seams. The extra give allows for full range of motion in the shoulders and arms, keeping you loose and limber for any cold weather activity. Bend, twist, reach, and extend without feeling constrained or limited.

Ergonomic Design Minimizes Chafing and Irritation

Chafing from seams and tags rubbing against the skin is a common complaint with performance apparel. That’s why Under Armour strategically placed flatlock seams along the neck, shoulders, and arms in abrasion-free zones. The raw unfinished edges lay smooth and flush against the skin, minimizing irritation and discomfort. The taglessneck label also eliminates scratching and chafing for all day comfort.

Mock Neck Design for Extra Coverage

The fitted mock neck provides greater coverage and insulation for vulnerable areas like the neck, chest, and shoulders. The snug compression fit seals out cold drafts helping to retain body heat. This makes it perfect as a warm first layer underneath your favorite cold weather jacket. The neck also folds down smoothly beneath outer layers if more ventilation is needed.

Why Choose the Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Mock?

Superior Warmth – The inner thermal fleece lining traps heat while the outer ColdGear fabric stops the wind. Keep your core warm in temperatures down to 30 degrees.

Moisture Wicking – The smooth outer layer wicks moisture and sweat away from the body keeping you dry and comfortable all day.

Odor Control – Fabric dries quickly and inhibits the growth of microbes that cause odor. Expect it to stay fresh after multiple wears.

Breathable Ventilation – Mesh panels allow heat and vapor to escape, preventing overheating and sweat buildup.

Unrestricted Mobility – 4-way mechanical stretch offers full range of motion for any activity.

Chafe-Free Comfort – Flatlock seams and tagless construction prevent skin irritation from abrasion.

Lightweight Warmth – Provides insulation without excessive bulk or heaviness. Easy to layer.

Athletic Fit – Compression mock neck hugs close to seal out the cold.

Ideal Uses for the Under Armour ColdGear Mock

The Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Mock long sleeve is versatile enough for all types of cold weather activities including:

Running – Wear it as a fitted base layer under your running jacket. It wicks sweat while blocking wind and chill.

Hiking – Perfect for hiking in cooler climates. Wear under a vest or jacket for lightweight insulation that breathes.

Camping – It makes a great first layer to sleep in at night and prevents hot spots from abrasive tent fabric.

Hunting – Provides quiet warmth without excess noise from rubbing or swishing outerwear.

Snow Sports – Works as a stand-alone top or base layer under your snowboard jacket or ski vest.

Athletic Training – Locks in heat during warmup and cooldown. Stays put despite high exertion levels.

Outdoor Work – Ideal for chopping wood, shoveling snow, or yardwork on cold days.

Daily Wear – More stylish than a bulky sweater, you can wear it standalone when running errands.

Casual Layering – Adds warmth under a jacket or hoodie without causing bulk.

So don’t let cold temperatures keep you trapped indoors this winter. With the Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Mock base layer, you can enjoy your favorite cold weather activities in total comfort. The dual-layer construction keeps your core warm and dry mile after mile. Order yours today!


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