Unclog Drains Like a Pro with This 9-Piece Drain Cleaning Tool Set



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Tired of dealing with slow-draining or clogged sinks and bathtubs? Don’t reach for harsh chemical drain cleaners – this 9-piece drain cleaning kit offers a safer and more effective solution.

Long-Reach Metal Auger Snakes Out Tough Clogs

The star of the show is the 35.5 inch metal auger clog remover. Its extra-long shaft lets you reach deep into drain pipes to grab hold of hair, soap scum, and other gunky clogs. Simply insert the claw end into the drain, crank the handle to extend the flexible rod down the pipe, then twist and pull to hook and extract stubborn blockages. No more disassembling pipes or calling a plumber!

The 25 inch plastic drain snakes work similarly to snake out shallow clogs. Their tiny hooked teeth latch onto hair and debris as you push the super-flexible rods down the drain. Just hook and pull to remove hairballs and light obstructions.

Daily Drain Maintenance with Bristle Brushes

To keep drains clear, the set includes two plastic bristle brushes. Use them to scrub the inside walls of sink, tub, and shower drains. The bendable design lets you maneuver the brush to scour away soap scum, hard water buildup, and sticky gunk. Regular use helps prevent clogged drains before they happen.

Tools for Every Drain in Your Home

This comprehensive 9-piece kit has everything needed to clear and maintain bathroom and kitchen drains:

– 1 metal auger clog remover
– 6 plastic drain snakes
– 2 sink brushes

The variety of tools allows you to tackle any drain in your home:

Kitchen sinks – Use the snakes and brushes for routine maintenance. Bust through stubborn clogs with the metal auger.

Bathroom sinks – The tiny snakes work perfectly to clear shortened bathroom sink drains. Scrub away buildup with the brushes.

Bathtubs and Showers – Snakes and auger handle soap scum and hairballs in tub and shower drains.

Toilets – Though not made for toilets specifically, the metal auger is an affordable alternative to a toilet auger for clearing minor clogs.

DIY Drain Cleaning That’s Safer and More Effective

Harsh chemical drain cleaners are expensive, damaging to pipes, and hazardous if splashed on skin. This drain cleaning set offers a safer green alternative. The simple mechanical tools make DIY drain cleaning easy – no dangerous chemicals required.

The durable construction stands up to repeated use. All the tools feature a rustproof design that won’t corrode from contact with water. Sturdy metal and plastic won’t snap under pressure when snaking drains.

Stop wasting money on plumbers and drain cleaners. Unclog drains quickly and safely with this complete 9-piece drain cleaning kit. It makes the ideal housewarming or holiday gift for homeowners and renters alike. Order today and save your drains!


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