Tonulax Solar Swaying Firefly Lights – Unique Wind-Powered Decorative Garden Lights Imitate Real Fireflies in Flight



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Tired of boring, stationary solar lights? Add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your yard or garden after sunset with the Tonulax Solar Swaying Firefly Lights!

These ingenious outdoor lights sway and dance in the breeze just like real fireflies in flight. The flexible iron wire and weighted design allows the lights to gently sway back and forth when hit with wind, creating a magical effect.

Watch in delight as the 4 warm white LED bulbs seem to float and flutter through the air like clusters of fireflies dancing about on a summer night.

The specialized internal structure and components are patented by Tonulax to provide the most life-like swaying motion that mimics living fireflies.

  • Flexible iron wire has high pliability for increased sway angle and movement
  • Heavy-duty weighted bulb base improves momentum for better swaying
  • Internal components optimized for most natural firefly-like motion

These clever solar-powered lights offer lighting that’s both beautiful and functional. Use them to:

  • Line pathways with dancing lights that guide you at night
  • Decorate gardens, patios, decks, and porches
  • Highlight flower beds and landscaping
  • Brighten up driveways, walkways, and yards
  • Add whimsical flair to backyard gatherings

The built-in solar panel charges up the AA NiMH battery (included) during the day to provide up to 8 hours of warm, bright light when the sun sets. No wiring or electrical work required!

Simply place or stick the lights in the ground where you want them, flip the ON/OFF switch, and enjoy the show. The lights turn on automatically at dusk.

At just 4.9 inches tall, the compact solar lights are designed to be subtle during the day and blend into your outdoor space.

Durable waterproof construction stands up to weather exposure so you can enjoy the swaying firefly effect year-round. The weighted ABS plastic and stainless steel base keeps the lights upright in windy conditions.

With their unique, eye-catching motion and charming glow, these flying firefly lights are sure to delight both kids and adults. Use them for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduations
  • Barbecues
  • Weddings
  • Camping trips
  • Garden parties

You won’t find these amazing swaying solar lights that mimic real fireflies anywhere else! The special internal components and flexible wire design are patented and exclusive to Tonulax.

Experience the magic of your yard transformed into a living swarm of fireflies. Pick up the Tonulax Solar Swaying Firefly Lights today and see your evenings filled with the wonder of “living lights!”

Incredibly Easy to Use

Just stick them in the ground and turn them on. The built-in solar panel charges the battery during the day to power the beautiful swaying light all night long.

Creates an Eye-Catching, Magical Effect

The flexible wire and swaying motion make it look like real fireflies are flying about your yard or garden when the lights are in motion.

Perfect for Parties and Special Occasions

Line walkways, gardens, or patios to set the scene for unforgettable celebrations and events.

Durable Waterproof Construction

Made to withstand outdoor exposure to weather and water. Enjoy the unique lighting effect year-round.

Designed for Subtle Beauty During the Day

Blends into your landscape discreetly when not lit. Comes on automatically at night for 8 hours of enchanting ambiance.

Lights Up Paths, Gardens, Yards and More

Use along pathways, in flower beds, lining yards, on patios and decks. Possibilities are endless!

Make Your Yard the Talk of the Neighborhood

These patented swaying lights are so unique, your neighbors will be lined up to find out where you got them!

Tonulax Quality You Can Trust

Made by the experts in unique solar lighting. Tonulax products are made to impress.

Bring a touch of wonder and magic to your outdoor space after the sun goes down with the one-of-a-kind Tonulax Solar Swaying Firefly Lights! Your friends and family will be enchanted.


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