TOBEHIGHER 12 Pack Breathable Women’s Gardening Gloves – Stretchy Seamless Garden Gloves for Planting, Yard Work, and Outdoor Activities



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Take on gardening, landscaping, and outdoor chores in comfort with the TOBEHIGHER 12 Pack of Women’s Gardening Gloves. These stretchy, seamless gloves provide a flexible fit and dexterous grip for handling all sorts of garden tasks. The breathable latex coating protects against dirt and debris while keeping hands cool and sweat-free.

Flexible Fit

These gloves are made from a stretchy, seamless polyester knit fabric that moves with you like a second skin. The gloves mold to the natural shape of your hands without restrictive seams that can chafe and irritate. The fabric is also breathable to prevent sweaty palms inside the gloves.

Latex Coated Grip

The latex coating on the palms and fingers provides a superior grip when handling gardening tools, planting containers, and dirt-covered objects. The tacky grip makes these gloves perfect for tasks that require dexterity like transplanting seedlings or weeding in tight spaces.

Protects Against Dirt

Gardening can get messy, but these gloves form a barrier between your hands and soil, fertilizers, sap, and other garden grime. No more scrubbing caked on mud from under your fingernails after a day’s work. The snug elasticized wrist helps lock out debris too.

Versatile for Any Task

In addition to gardening and yardwork, these versatile gloves work great for DIY projects, automotive repairs, warehouse handling, or any activity where you need finger dexterity plus hand protection. The durable latex coating stands up to repeated use without cracking or peeling.

Designed for Women

These gloves are sized to fit most women’s hands with a slimmer profile and shorter cuffs than standard gardening gloves designed for men. No more loose fingers or bulky fabric bunching up around the wrists. Enjoy full dexterity without the hassle.

6 Vibrant Colors

The 12 pack includes 6 pairs in each of the following fun colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange. Assign a color to each family member or designate pairs for specific outdoor tasks. Easily identify your gloves at a glance.

Breathable Cool Comfort

When laboring under the hot sun, sweaty hands lead to discomfort. The lightweight knit fabric on these gloves lets air flow through to keep hands cooler on sweltering garden days. No more overheating halfway through your chores.

Great Gift for Gardeners

Every gardener needs a good pair of gloves ready for the season. Give the gift of comfortable hands to the green thumb in your life. These seamless gloves make a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, retirement, or holiday stocking stuffers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

TOBEHIGHER stands behind their products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact them for a replacement pair or refund. Excellent customer service ensures a risk-free purchase.

Give your hands the breathable comfort and flexible dexterity needed to take on all sorts of gardening, landscaping, and outdoor activities. The TOBEHIGHER 12 Pack of Seamless Women’s Gardening Gloves protects your hands while providing amazing feel and grip. Order a pack now and be ready for a season of dirt-free gardening.


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