Therwen Garden Shepherd Hooks, 20 Pack Thick Rustproof Iron Double Arm Heavy Duty Outdoor Hooks for Hanging Plants, Lanterns, Decor (35 Inch)



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Welcome the spring and summer seasons by adorning your yard, porch, or patio with beautiful decorative accents using these multi-use Therwen garden shepherd hooks. This set includes 20 durable iron shepherd hooks with double hanging arms, providing ample support for your outdoor decor.

Sturdy, Rustproof, Heavy Duty Construction

Each garden hook is crafted from high quality 1/4 inch thick iron that has been coated in a rustproof finish to prevent corrosion and add longevity. The pole is solid and heavy duty, driving down securely into soil with two stabilizing prongs at the base.

Once inserted, the 35 inch height provides proper leverage to remain upright under the weight of hanging items. Both the straight vertical neck and dual S-shaped arms are smooth and refined, without sharp edges. Feel confident trusting these shepherd hooks with all your decorative garden, porch, and patio items through any weather conditions.

2 Prong Base for Secure Installation

Installation couldn’t be easier thanks to the built-in ground stakes – no tools required! Simply step down on the two prongs to drive them into soil, grass, or sand. The two-pronged base provides stability to keep the shepherd’s hook upright and prevent wobbling.

If you need to reposition the shepherd’s hook, it pulls out of the ground cleanly in one motion. Repurpose in a new flower bed, relocate to highlight your prized plants, or remove seasonally with no hassle.

Double Hanging Arm Design

The elegant dual S-shaped arms allow you to hang multiple decorative items from each shepherd hook. Display hanging flower baskets, bird feeders, wind chimes, lanterns, wreaths, outdoor string lights, holiday decorations, and more!

The top curved arm provides the perfect cradle for round globes or hanging planters. The lower arm offers a useful alternative spot to display smaller items or add visual interest with multiple accents staggered at different heights.

Endless Decorating Possibilities

Decorate your yard, garden, patio, porch, or deck in style with these shepherd hooks! Here are just some of the ways you can put them to use:

  • Highlight prized potted plants and flowers by hanging baskets from the hooks
  • Attract colorful songbirds with suspended bird feeders and birdbaths
  • Define garden spaces and pathways with lanterns and outdoor string lights
  • Delight your senses with wind chimes stirred by a light breeze
  • Showcase wreaths, floral swags, and seasonal greenery for holidays and special events
  • Accent with decorative balls, vases, ribbons, and other garden ornaments
  • Suspend arthritis-friendly raised gardening baskets for easy access
  • Lift solar lanterns to illuminate garden walkways at night

The two-armed design even allows you to intermix these ideas. Hang lanterns or feeders from the top arm with a basket or wreath below!

Perfect for Gardens, Patios, Weddings & Events

Place these iron shepherd’s hooks throughout your flower and vegetable gardens to support plant growth and highlight beauty. Line a pathway or define bed boundaries with lantern light. Use them to create a whimsical entrance to your secret garden hideaway!

On your porch, deck or patio, arrange the hooks to hang outdoor string light strands overhead and suspend planters along the rails. As wedding, birthday party, or event rentals, these shepherd hooks add charm and allow creative decor.

Reliable Quality from Therwen

Therwen provides premium home, yard, and garden products designed to simplify your life. Our shepherd hooks showcase the durable craftsmanship and thoughtful design we strive for in all our items. We know you work hard to make your outdoor space beautiful, relaxing, and Instagram-worthy. That’s why we build products to help (not hinder) your vision.

If anything ever falls short of expectations, don’t hesitate to reach out. We back our shepherd hooks with a 90 day money back guarantee for a full refund. You also receive our friendly Nebraska-based customer service 7 days per week for any questions or concerns!

Buy with Confidence

Bring reliable beauty into your yard with these multi-use garden shepherd hooks! The durable iron construction, weather-proof finish, sturdy supportive arms, and easy ground installation will provide lasting service for years to come.

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