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Get a complete picture of your home’s temperature fluctuations with the Taylor Wireless Digital Thermometer. This clever gadget displays both indoor and outdoor readings on its easy-to-read LCD display.

Track Indoor & Outdoor Temperature

Tired of constantly adjusting the thermostat? This thermometer allows you to monitor your indoor climate, so you can set the temperature exactly right. The LCD clearly displays the current indoor temperature in large digits, making it easy to glance at from across the room.

The wireless remote sensor tracks outdoor conditions and transmits the temperature back to the base unit up to 200 feet away. Now you can know the temperature outside without stepping foot out the door! This allows you to dress appropriately before heading out and monitor how weather affects different sides of your home.

Max/Min Temperature Memory

Not only does this thermometer display the current indoor and outdoor temperature, but it also records the daily minimum and maximum temperatures. Use the memory function to see the full range of temperatures throughout the day and night.

This allows you to spot inconsistencies in heating or cooling. For example, if the outdoor low was 20°F but your basement dropped to 50°F, you know you’re losing heat somewhere. Or if the outdoor high was 80°F but your upstairs reached 90°F, your A/C may need servicing.

Enhance Home Comfort

Use this indoor outdoor thermometer to better regulate temperatures for comfort. If the outdoor sensor reads 95°F, you’ll know to crank up the A/C before the indoor temperature rises. Or if the outdoor sensor dips below 40°F, adjust your thermostat to keep pipes from freezing.

Get a handle on your home’s hot and cold spots so you can take action to even out indoor temperatures. This thermometer puts you in control of your indoor comfort.

Simple Setup & Use

This Taylor thermometer couldn’t be easier to operate. Simply remove from packaging and insert 2 AAA batteries into the wireless sensor. Place the sensor outside in a shaded location away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

The base unit can sit on any flat surface inside your home. The LCD is easy to read from up to 50 feet away. Toggle between indoor and outdoor readings at the touch of a button. Units can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Precision Accuracy

Taylor Precision Products are designed for accuracy you can rely on. This indoor outdoor thermometer provides temperature readings within 2°F so you know the data is precise. Sensors utilize the latest technology to deliver consistent accuracy.

Trusted Taylor Brand Since 1851

Taylor is a leading global brand in high-precision temperature, humidity and other measurement instruments. With over 150 years of innovation, their products utilize the latest technology while maintaining user-friendly designs.

Bring laboratory-quality temperature tracking right to your home with the Taylor Wireless Digital Thermometer. Stop guessing and start optimizing your indoor comfort today!

Product Details:

– LCD base unit & wireless sensor

– Transmission range up to 200 feet

– Toggle between indoor & outdoor temperature

– Celsius/Fahrenheit display

– Max/Min temperature memory

– Simple setup & intuitive use

– Accuracy within 2°F

– Runs on AAA batteries

– Trusted Taylor brand since 1851


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