Take Your Art to the Next Level with This Extensive 76-Piece Drawing and Sketching Set



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Unlock your inner artist and bring your visions to life with the Prina Pro Art Supplies 76-piece drawing and sketching set. This all-in-one kit is thoughtfully designed to provide every tool you need to explore a range of artistic techniques and mediums.

An Endless Array of Drawing Options

The diverse selection of drawing tools allows you to experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. It includes graphite and charcoal pencils for sketching, shading, and blending, watercolor and colored pencils for adding pops of color, and 3 charcoal pencils for dramatic black and white drawings.

With 76 pieces at your fingertips, your creativity will know no bounds. The graphite pencils range from soft and blendable 6B to hard and precise 4H, giving you complete control over your shading and details. The watercolor and colored pencils allow you to incorporate color into sketches, drawings, cartoons, mandalas, and more. Metallic pencils add eye-catching accents and special effects.

High-Quality Materials and Purposeful Accessories

Prina only uses premium materials so you can rely on these drawing supplies to perform time after time. The thick, soft lead lays down saturated, vibrant colors that are easy to blend. It resists breaking and chipping so you don’t have to stop mid-stroke to sharpen.

Thoughtful extras help keep your workspace tidy and your pencils sharp. A portable plastic case with individual slots safely stores and organizes each piece. Sandpaper, a pencil sharpener, erasers, and blending stumps give you everything you need to care for your new art supplies on the go.

Instructional Guide Provides Drawing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Even if you’re just starting on your artistic journey, this drawing kit empowers beginners with the tools and guidance to progress quickly. An included 7-step tutorial teaches you how to draw a plant through simple, straightforward steps. Follow along to understand the foundations of sketching, shading, and blending that you can apply to all your future masterpieces.

The lesson plan breaks down each component of drawing a realistic plant, from the initial sketch to adding depth and texture with blending stumps. Learning how to accurately render shapes, shadows, and details will build your confidence to expand into portrait drawing, landscapes, and your own unique creations.

Built to Withstand Hours of Artistic Exploration

Why limit your practice time or creative vision trying to work with low quality supplies? With Prina’s drawing pencils, you can sketch, shade, and color to your heart’s content knowing these tools are designed for longevity and performance.

The thick, durable wood casing prevents breakage even under heavy pressure. The wide, contoured barrel provides a comfortable grip when used for extended periods. The strong lead maintains its precision point through repeated sharpening.

When inspiration strikes, reach for this deluxe art set to bring your boldest ideas to the page.

The Perfect Gift for Artists of All Ages

Know someone who loves to draw or is just starting on their artistic journey? Surprise them with this expansive selection of high-quality drawing supplies.

For the middle or high school art student, these essential tools will elevate their skills and allow them to replicate techniques used by the pros. The convenient carrying case keeps everything together in their backpack.

Adult hobbyists and art enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of media for expanding their style. Budding creatives can explore and refine their preferences with guidance from the included tutorial.

Give your child an imaginative outlet they’ll want to return to again and again. Drawing improves focus, fine motor skills, and problem solving in a fun, engaging way.

Deluxe Drawing Kit Includes:

– 76 total pieces
– 60 pencils:
– 15 graphite pencils (9B-4H)
– 12 watercolor pencils
– 12 colored pencils
– 12 metallic pencils
– 7 black charcoal pencils
– 2 colored charcoal pencils
– 3 white charcoal pencils
– 1 woodless graphite pencil
– 1 water brush pen
– 1 kneaded eraser
– 1 vinyl eraser
– 3 blending stumps
– 1 pencil sharpener
– 1 sandpaper block
– 1 paintbrush
– 1 portable plastic case
– 1 3-color sketchbook (50 pages)
– Comprehensive drawing tutorial

Unlock your artistic potential and develop your skills with this expansive 76-piece drawing and sketching set from Prina. The high-quality materials, specialized accessories, and easy-to-follow guide make it the perfect choice for artists of all ability levels.


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