Soucolor 72-Color Colored Pencils Set for Adult Coloring Books, Drawing, Sketching, Shading, Blending



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Unlock your inner artist and explore the vibrant world of coloring with this expansive 72-color colored pencil set from Soucolor. Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to expand your skills or a coloring book enthusiast ready to try new techniques, this high-quality pencil set has everything you need to bring your creative visions to life.

Vibrant Color Variety for Endless Creative Possibilities

With 72 rich, vivid colors to choose from, your artwork is only limited by your imagination. The extensive color range includes all the essential primary, secondary, and tertiary hues from crimson reds and sunny yellows to cool blues and verdant greens. You’ll also find an exciting spectrum of bold brights, pastel tones, metallic sheens, and neutral shades to suit any coloring project or artistic style. The convenient eco-friendly tube holder displays every color for easy selection so you can quickly find the perfect pencil for your coloring book pages, doodles, sketches, and more.

Soft, Smooth Core Leads Make Coloring and Drawing a Breeze

These premium pencils feature ultra-smooth, soft core leads that glide effortlessly across paper for comfortable coloring and drawing. The soft leads require minimal pressure, so you can focus on perfecting techniques and exploring different effects. Easily blend, shade, and layer colors to create subtle gradients, bold color pops, and everything in between. The smooth leads also sharpen easily and resist breaking, so you can keep your pencils ready for detail work.

High-Quality Construction Built to Last

From the rich pigmented cores to the sturdy wood casings, these coloring pencils are crafted for longevity and optimal performance. The thick, durable casing protects the soft core yet still sharpens to a precise point when needed. With quality this superior, you can be confident your Soucolor colored pencil set will maintain its vibrancy and consistency with many years of creative use.

Safe, Odorless, and Certified Non-Toxic

You can feel at ease coloring and drawing knowing these art pencils are safe for artists of all ages. They feature high-quality, odorless cores made from non-toxic materials. The pencils have obtained safety certification EN71 and contain no irritating chemicals. Let your kids join in the coloring fun or treat a creative friend to the gift of art supplies they’ll safely enjoy.

Explore New Artistic Possibilities with This Versatile Pencil Set

Expand your artistic abilities or rediscover the simple joy of coloring with this well-rounded 72-color pencil set from Soucolor. The vibrant extensive color selection allows you to mix, blend, shade, and experiment with new techniques. The soft, smooth cores make coloring detailed images or sketching original artwork comfortable and satisfying. And the durable construction will provide years of reliable art supplies for artists of any skill level. Order your new colored pencils today and unlock a world of creative potential.


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