SINGARO Car Battery Terminal Connector – 4-Port Quick Release for SAE/JIS A Type Posts – Gold Plated Copper Clamps for Cars, Trucks





Get a solid, corrosion-resistant connection to your vehicle’s battery with the SINGARO Car Battery Terminal Connector. This 4-way connector kit provides multiple cable connections to the positive and negative posts of SAE/JIS A type batteries commonly found in cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans, trucks and more.

The connector clamps are constructed from gold plated copper for excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The durable metal material also allows for a tight, vibration resistant grip.

Each connector features 4 ports to allow various cable configurations. Easily connect multiple accessories to a single terminal. The connector is designed to work with wire gauges from 16 AWG to 4 AWG (1.5mm2 to 25mm2).

With a compact size, these battery terminal adapters give you more space to work while providing a clean look in your engine bay. The connector’s opening springs closed when unattached to ensure a safe and secure connection every time.

The complete kit contains everything needed to outfit your vehicle battery with multi-port positive and negative terminal clamps. It includes:

– 2 battery terminal clamps (1 red positive, 1 black negative)
– 4 terminal blocks
– 4 insulating covers
– 4 anti-corrosion sleeves
– 2 anti-corrosion washers
– 1 battery cleaner solution
– 1 hex wrench

The terminal clamps accommodate a wide range of cable sizes. Minimum wire size is 16mm (5/8 inch) while max wire clamp opening is 9.5mm (0.37 inches). The mini wire opening is 6.5mm (0.25 inches).

Correct polarity is crucial for safe electrical connections. The positive terminal’s inner diameter is 17.5 to 19.1mm while the negative is 15.9 to 17.5mm. Connecting the proper terminal clamp color to the matching post prevents reverse polarity damage.

Installation is quick and easy:

1. Clean battery posts and cable ends with included battery cleaner to remove dirt and corrosion.

2. Fit the anti-corrosion washer over each battery post, one positive and one negative.

3. Insert each cable end firmly into the appropriate terminal block. Tighten set screws to hold wires securely.

4. Slide an insulating cover over each terminal block. This prevents short circuits.

5. Attach the positive (red) terminal clamp to the positive battery post. Attach the negative (black) terminal to the negative post.

6. Insert the terminal blocks into the appropriate connector ports. Use the hex wrench to ensure a tight, vibration proof fit.

With the SINGARO battery terminal connector installed, you’ll always have a solid connection for powering accessories even with multiple wires and cable types. No more struggling with crowded, dangerous tangles of ring terminals.

The high quality copper construction ensures maximum power transfer to run electronics and accessories even under heavy electrical loads. With built-in short circuit protection and polarized design, these battery terminal adapters provide safe connectivity for your vehicle’s delicate electrical system.

Whether you need to hardwire a dash cam, connect trailer lights, or power auxiliary accessories, the SINGARO 4-way car battery terminal connector has you covered. Stop messing around with subpar electrical connections and upgrade to a professional, heavy duty battery terminal clamp for your vehicle today!

Product Highlights:

– Durable gold plated copper material
– Spring loaded connector openings
– Works with SAE/JIS A type posts
– 4-ports per terminal for multiple accessories
– Insulating covers prevent short circuits
– Complete kit for easy install
– Fits wire gauge sizes 16 AWG to 4 AWG

What’s Included:

– 2 Battery Terminal Clamps (1 Positive, 1 Negative)
– 4 Terminal Blocks
– 4 Insulating Covers
– 4 Anti-Corrosion Sleeves
– 2 Anti-Corrosion Washers
– 1 Battery Cleaner Solution
– 1 Hex Wrench

Compatible With:

– Cars
– Trucks
– Vans
– RVs
– Motorhomes
– Caravans
– Trailers
– Marine Applications

Upgrade your vehicle’s electrical system with the convenient SINGARO 4-Port Car Battery Terminal Connector today!


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