Safety 1st Plug Protectors – 36 Count Reusable Child Proof Electrical Outlet Covers





Protect curious little fingers from harm with Safety 1st Plug Protectors. This 36 count pack of reusable plastic covers slide right onto electrical outlets to prevent access. Tested for safety and durability, these childproof outlet covers provide peace of mind.

Rigorously Tested for Safety

Parents can trust Safety 1st outlet covers to prevent electrical shocks and burns. Extensively tested for safety and durability, these plastic plug covers are made from high quality materials that meet strict safety standards. The innovative designs and manufacturing processes ensure these covers safely guard unused outlets.

High Quality Durable Materials

Crafted using sturdy plastic polymers, Safety 1st Plug Protectors are built to last through countless uses. The durable construction securely blocks access to outlets without breaking or cracking. Fitting snuggly into any standard outlet, the sturdy covers withstand curious kids trying to pry them off.

Innovative yet Simple Design

With a straightforward design focused on child safety, these plug covers slide right into outlets for foolproof protection. Just pop a cover into each unused electrical outlet to guard against electrical dangers. Large wings and tapered angles allow for easy adult removal while remaining secured against little hands.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Keep your curious crawler or toddler safe with this 36 pack of Secure, tight-fitting and tested for safety, Safety 1st Plug Protectors give parents peace of mind. No more worrying about uncovered outlets in rooms where kids play. Protect the entire house quickly and easily.

Reusable Protection

Unlike safety plugs that get inserted into the outlet, these plastic covers fit right over the exterior to guard unused sockets. The removable design allows parents to reuse them anytime outlets need covering or uncovering. Easily pack them along when traveling or heading to grandma’s house for protection on the go.

Trusted Safety 1st Brand

With over 30 years experience making innovative baby safety products, Safety 1st is a trusted brand for childproofing essentials. These plug covers maintain the Safety 1st commitment to helping parents keep kids safe from home hazards with quality designs.

Complies with Safety Standards

Designed to meet the required safety standards for child safety, you can trust these plug covers to prevent electrical dangers. Strict testing ensures proper insulation and construction that keeps kids protected. Reduces risks of electrical burns, shocks and electrocution when used as directed.

Quick & Easy to Install

Protecting your home is fast and simple with these reusable outlet covers. Just align the tapered end of a cover with the electrical outlet and pop into place. Large wings fit outlets snuggly with a tight friction hold. Removes easily when pressed from the backside so you can maintain access to unused outlets.

Blends Seamlessly into Outlets

With their neutral white color, Safety 1st Plug Protectors blend right into existing wall outlets for an unobtrusive look. Covers don’t stick out or get in the way of outlet usage or surrounding décor. Keep outlets camouflaged from kids while still having accessible plugs for parents.

Affordable Childproofing for Whole Home

Childproof your whole house with this convenient 36 pack of outlet covers at an affordable price. Having enough covers for every room ensures you can safeguard unused outlets throughout the entire home. Protect kids in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more without breaking the bank.

Prevent Electric Shock and Burns

Unused outlets pose a dangerous risk of electrical burns, shock and electrocution for curious kids. Prevent these frightening hazards with simple-to-install Safety 1st Plug Protectors. Guard unused sockets to safely childproof any room kids access within your home for safer play and exploration.

Give Parents Peace of Mind

Keep your kids safe and give yourself peace of mind with these electrical outlet covers. Tested to meet safety standards, durable construction and secure fit blocks access to prevent electrical injury. Have confidence knowing your child is protected from the dangers of uncovered outlets.


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