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Is your ring collection feeling a little loose lately? Don’t worry about resizing and potentially damaging your precious rings. Get a custom fit every time with this 12 pack of innovative ring fit guards by 5 STARS UNITED. These clever silicone hoop spacers temporarily adjust loose rings up to 2 sizes smaller so they stay comfortably in place. No more spinning, sliding and slipping! Now you can keep wearing those sentimental rings that hold so many memories.

The Flexible, Invisible Solution for Loose Rings

These ring fit guards are made of soft, flexible TPU silicone formed into tiny hoops that gently tighten loose bands. Just wrap the hoop around the bottom of your ring to take up excess space. Use as many hoops as needed to achieve a perfect fit. The hoops move freely and flex with your finger so you’ll never feel uncomfortable pressure or pinching. At just 2-3mm wide, the spacers are virtually invisible when worn. No more worrying about unsightly resistors or guards that damage rings. These clever hoops do their job discreetly.

Custom Adjustment for Any Ring

No matter if your rings are loose due to weight loss, arthritis, swollen joints or just incorrect sizing, these guards help restore a custom fit. Each pack comes with 60 hoops in 2 widths – 2mm and 3mm. This ensures a perfect fit for bands of all widths. Thinner bands like stacking rings, midi rings and knuckle rings pair best with the 2mm size. Wider bands andstatement rings fit comfortably with the 3mm hoops. Adjust in small increments until your ring feels secure yet comfortable. With 12 spacers per pack, you’ll have plenty to share with friends and family dealing with loose rings.

Temporarily Reduce Ring Size Up to 2 Sizes

Slip on these clever ring guards to temporarily take your ring down up to 2 full sizes smaller. No need for expensive professional resize jobs. The 12 pack gives you plenty of spacers to tightly layer together when you need dramatic size reduction. When used on wider bands, 1-2 spacers subtly takes up excess space. Thinner bands may need 4-6 overlapped hoops to significantly reduce the circumference. Test out different configurations until your spins and slides stop for good. No pinching or uncomfortable pressure – just the perfect custom fit.

Keep Your Rings Safe from Loss

A loose ring dramatically increases the risk of losing your priceless jewelry. Prevent heartache and regret by securing loose fitting treasures like diamond engagement rings, engraved wedding bands, class rings and heirloom jewelry. No more worrying about your rings slipping off unexpectedly. Properly worn ring guards keep your jewelry firmly in place so you can enjoy wearing them with confidence and peace of mind. No more near misses and panic attacks! Protect your investment and memories with these simple silicone solutions.

Comfortable, Hypoallergenic Material

Ring fit guards are made from medical-grade TPU silicone that’s free from BPA, lead, latex and phthalates. The soft, smooth hoops are gentle on skin and won’t cause irritation, rashes or allergic reactions. Silicone allows skin to breathe, unlike metals which trap sweat and bacteria. The hoops move freely to flex with your finger. You’ll barely notice them once rings are properly fitted. For sensitive skin and joints, silicone ring guards beat old school metal sizing beads hands down when it comes to comfort.

Easy to Apply and Remove

Getting the perfect fit takes just seconds. Simply slip 1-2 hoops around the bottom of your loose ring, placing them close together near the band. Add more spacers as needed, twisting to connect them into a continuous hoop. Use nail clippers to trim off any excess. To remove, gently twist the hoops apart. No adhesive residue will be left behind on your rings. Enjoy quick, easy adjustments as finger size fluctuates. Much less hassle than visiting a jeweler for professional resizing!

discretely keeps your special rings fitting just right so you can continue wearing them comfortably and safely. Heighten your enjoyment of your most meaningful jewelry pieces by preventing loose slippage and potential loss. Trust 5 STARS UNITED to provide simple, affordable solutions for frustrating ring fit problems.


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