Ring Battery Doorbell Plus – See Who’s at Your Door in HD Video Day & Night



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Keep your home safe and secure with the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus. With expanded Head-to-Toe HD+ video, you’ll be able to see visitors from head to toe when they are at your door. The wider field of view lets you see more of who and what is on your porch or at your doorstep.

Expanded Head-to-Toe HD+ Video

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus captures video in an expanded head-to-toe field of view, giving you a more complete picture of who is at your door. See visitors from head to toe, as well as more of the surrounding area and packages on the ground. With the enhanced 1080p HD video resolution, details are crisp and clear.

Color Night Vision for Around-the-Clock Security

With Color Night Vision, the Ring Doorbell Plus allows you to see visitors clearly even at night. The camera’s sensors deliver advanced imaging to capture color video when the lights are low or in complete darkness. The night vision mode activates automatically and you’ll be able to identify visitors and see details that regular night vision misses.

Motion Detection Alerts You of Activity

As soon as the Doorbell Plus detects motion, it will send an alert to your smartphone, tablet or PC. You’ll be notified instantly when someone approaches your home, giving you time to answer the door or take other actions. Adjustable motion sensors let you customize the motion detection area.

Two-Way Talk Allows You to Speak with Visitors

The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to have two-way conversations with visitors at your door. When you receive an alert, you can use your smart device to talk with delivery drivers, family members or anyone who approaches. Two-way audio gives you the power to remotely communicate even when you’re not home.

Quick Release Battery Pack for Convenient Charging

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is powered by a rechargeable battery pack designed for quick and easy charging. When power runs low, you simply release the battery pack from the doorbell and connect it to the included charging cable. This means you don’t have to take down the entire doorbell to recharge it.

Customizable Privacy Zones for Added Security

The privacy zone feature lets you specify areas in the camera’s field of view to exclude from motion detection and video recording. You can block out areas like fences or neighboring yards to avoid false alerts. Privacy zones keep unwanted zones private while still detecting motion in the areas that matter most.

Pairs with Alexa for Extra Convenience

The Ring Doorbell Plus works with Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Show, Echo Spot and Fire TV. You can enable announcements so Alexa will notify you when the doorbell detects motion or someone presses the button. With a Ring Protect Plan, you can have Alexa display live video on command and even customize motion announcements.

Get Alerts for Delivered Packages

With the Package Alerts feature, you’ll receive notifications when the camera detects a package within a specified zone. This exclusive feature for Ring Protect Plan subscribers lets you know instantly when a delivery has arrived, so packages won’t sit unattended.

Easily Connects to WiFi

Setting up the Battery Doorbell Plus is simple. Just use the Ring app to connect it to your 2.4GHz WiFi network and mount the doorbell with the included installation tools. There are no wires or pro installers required.

24/7 Security Monitoring Available

For even greater peace of mind, add the Ring Protect Plan for 24/7 professional monitoring. Certified security professionals will watch your Ring videos in real time and dispatch emergency personnel if needed. Choose the level of monitoring to meet your needs.

Works with Alexa

Pair with Echo devices for hands-free convenience. Alexa can announce when motion is detected or someone presses your Ring Doorbell. With a Ring Protect Plan, Alexa can show a live view of your camera when you ask.

Bring complete entryway security to your home with the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus. The expanded video field of view and color night vision give you a comprehensive view day and night. Never miss a visitor or delivery with customizable motion alerts and package detection.


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