REDTIGER Dash Cam with 4K & 1080P Dual Recording, GPS, WiFi, Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle



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Capture crystal clear footage and evidence from the road with the REDTIGER Dash Cam. This top-rated dash cam provides you with ultra high definition 4K video plus full 1080p HD, giving you superb image quality and detail from both the front and rear cameras.

The front camera records in sharp 4K resolution at 3840x2160P while the rear records at a crisp full HD 1080P, providing complete coverage with reduced blind spots. The extra wide 170° field of view on the front camera and 140° rear camera allow you to capture more lanes, vehicles, and road signs for additional evidence and protection.

With built-in GPS, this dash cam tracks and records your driving route, speed, and location in real time. You can view your travels via the easy-to-use app or use the GPS player software for Windows and Mac to provide additional evidence and details right on Google Maps in case of an accident.

Unparalleled Night Vision

Never miss critical driving footage even at night or in low light conditions. The REDTIGER Dash Cam is equipped with top-quality optical lenses with an extra large f/1.5 aperture and 6 layers of glass. Combining the large aperture with WDR technology gives you superior night vision and ensures you capture clear, visible details in any lighting.

Sharp Image Quality

The advanced sensor and lens combination records video in stunning 4K resolution on the front camera and crisp full HD 1080P on the rear. This allows the dash cam to capture all the key details you need like license plates, road signs, street names, and more in crystal clear quality.

Discreet Design

The 3 inch IPS screen allows you to easily view and navigate menus and footage, while the low profile wedge shaped design stays out of the way and provides an unobstructed view while driving. The cameras provide complete coverage with reduced blind spots thanks to the ultra wide viewing angles.

Emergency Recording

Never lose an important video again thanks to the G-sensor and automatic loop recording. The G-sensor detects collisions and locks the video file, preventing it from being overwritten. Loop recording continues filming even when the memory card is full, seamlessly recording over old footage for complete continuous capture.

Parking Surveillance

Keep your vehicle protected even when parked with the 24 hour parking monitoring mode. Time lapse technology allows the dash cam to continually record footage while your car is parked for up to 24 hours. A hardware kit is needed to enable parking mode and requires hardwiring the dash cam to the vehicle battery.

Easy WiFi Viewing & Sharing

Use the intuitive mobile app to view live footage and manage your dash cam right from your smartphone. Connect via the built-in WiFi to download, edit, and share videos in a snap. You can even watch real-time footage and GPS tracking for peace of mind when lending your vehicle to friends or family members.

GPS Driving History

The integrated GPS module records and displays your driving route, location, and speed directly on Google Maps. Review your drives and reference locations right on the mobile app or use the Mac/PC software. Having GPS tracking provides vital evidence and protects you in the case of an incident or accident.

Capture and protect all of your important driving footage in crisp 4K and 1080P video quality with the REDTIGER Dash Cam. Key features like GPS, WiFi, wide angle views, night vision, and emergency recording give you invaluable evidence and insight. Drive with confidence knowing your travels are documented in superb image quality.


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