Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener – Keep Colored Pencils Sharp for Precise Details



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Get professional quality points on your colored pencils with the Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener. Specially designed for Prismacolor art pencils, this dual blade sharpener creates perfectly sharp tips for crisp, detailed coloring and drawing.

The high quality sharpened steel blades inside this sharpener effortlessly sharpen your Prismacolor pencils down to fine, precise points. One blade cuts a sharp fine point while the other blade cuts a wider angle. Toggle between the two custom blades to get just the right nib shape for each coloring task.

The translucent black cover allows you to easily monitor when pencil shavings start accumulating inside the barrel. Simply twist open the sharpener when full to empty out the shavings. Keeping your sharpener empty improves the sharpening performance.

Prismacolor Premier pencils are beloved by artists for their vibrant pigments and smooth laydown. Keep these high-performing art pencils ready for artwork with the Prismacolor sharpener designed specifically for the brand. Achieve sharp, professional points for your masterpieces.

Get Precise with Your Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Every artist knows precisely sharpened pencil tips are key for detailed artwork and crisp lines. Here’s an overview of how the Prismacolor sharpener helps you achieve that:

  • Custom Steel Blades – The blades are engineered to optimize points on soft Prismacolor cores.
  • Fine or Wide Points – Toggle between a sharp fine tip or wider angle tip.
  • No Breakage – Sharpening is smooth to prevent tip breakage.
  • Translucent Body – Easily see when shavings need emptied for optimal sharpness.
  • Perfect Results – Points are precisely sharpened every time to a professional standard.

Key Features of the Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener

Here are some of the top features that make the Prismacolor sharpener the go-to choice for artists using Prismacolor pencils:

  • Two Blade Options – Toggle between a fine point or wider tip.
  • Engineered for Prismas – Blades optimized for soft Prismacolor cores.
  • Sharpens to Perfection – Points are precise every time.
  • Translucent Body – See when shavings need emptied.
  • Smooth Sharpening – Cuts pencils smoothly to prevent tip breakage.

Keep Your Pencils Ready for Artistic Details

Here are some tips for getting the most from your Prismacolor sharpener:

  • Empty pencil shavings regularly for optimal results.
  • Avoid pressing too hard when sharpening to prevent breakage.
  • Wipe away any dust from the blades to maintain sharpness.
  • Store horizontally to keep blades covered and protected.
  • Replace blades after heavy use for like-new performance.

Follow these tips and your Prismacolor sharpener will keep your colored pencils in top condition for all your artwork and provide years of flawless sharpening.

Achieve Artist Quality Points on Your Prismacolors

Don’t let dull, broken pencil tips hinder your artistic abilities. Keep your Prismacolor art pencils sharpened to perfection with the premier Prismacolor pencil sharpener.

The custom steel blades engineered specifically for Prismacolor pencils will have your colored pencils sharpened to precise, flawless points in seconds. Simply toggle between the fine and wide blades to get optimum tips for any coloring task.

Bring out the best in your Prismacolor colored pencils and enhance your artistic abilities with this high quality sharpener designed just for Prismacolors. Order today and achieve sharp, professional quality points for all your creative projects!


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