Potaroma Lifelike Flapping Sandpiper Cat Toy – Interactive Plush Bird Chirps & Flaps Wings When Touched





Bring the excitement of the outdoors inside with the Potaroma Lifelike Flapping Sandpiper Cat Toy! This innovative interactive cat toy looks and sounds just like a real sandpiper. When touched, it chirps and flaps its wings, captivating your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

The Potaroma flapping bird cat toy provides hours of independent playtime, keeping your cat entertained and exercised when you’re away. The built-in motion sensor activates the chirping sound and wing flapping with just a tap or swat from your cat’s paw. As soon as your kitty touches it, the fun begins! The sandpiper chirps and flaps continuously for 20 seconds before resetting, ready for your cat’s next attack.

This self-play cat toy helps prevent boredom and destructive behaviors in home alone cats. The randomized chirping and flapping movements give your cat the thrill of “catching” prey over and over again. With its soft plush exterior and internal catnip pouch, this toy also invites chewing, wrestling, pouncing and cuddling when playtime is over.

Realistic Design Captivates Cats’ Hunting Instincts

– Plush exterior with detailed feathers looks just like a real sandpiper

– Motion-activated chirping replicates sound of a sandpiper in the wild

– Motorized wings flap realistically to mimic a bird’s natural movements

– Random chirping and flapping keeps cats engaged and entertained

– Dangling from a cat wand makes it flutter enticingly like injured prey

Built-In Motion Sensor Activates Independent Play

– Touch technology triggers flapping wings and chirping when batted or bitten

– Self-play mode provides mental stimulation and exercise for home alone cats

– No batteries required – built-in rechargeable battery lasts for hours of fun

– USB charging cable included for convenient power-up between play sessions

– Automatic shut-off conserves battery life when cat loses interest

High-Quality Construction Built to Withstand Rough Play

– Durable plush exterior lined with polyester fiber stuffing

– Designed to endure bites, scratches and rough play from sharp claws

– Securely attached motor and battery compartment inside soft body

– Removable/washable covering makes cleaning hair and dirt simple

– One-year warranty provides peace of mind for cat parents

Entertain and Exercising Cats of All Ages and Breeds

– Perfect for kittens who need extra playtime and exercise

– Ideal for adult cats who battle weight gain and boredom

– Great for senior cats who need gentle activity and mental stimulation

– Entertains curious cats who love to stalk and pounce on prey

– Captivates energetic cats who need an outlet for their hunting instincts

Interactive Play Strengthens Bond Between Cat and Owner

– Cat wand attachment allows you to make the sandpiper “fly” and flutter

– Mimics prey for cats to chase, jump and leap after

– Have fun together teasing your cat with this life-like bird toy

– Interactive play increases activity levels and strengthens feline-human bonds

Alleviate Boredom and Destructive Behaviors

Does your cat get restless and mischievous when left home alone all day? The Potaroma flapping sandpiper toy keeps your cat happily occupied in your absence. The randomly moving prey ignites your cat’s natural hunting drives and provides a stimulating activity to engage in. This reduces boredom and anxiety, preventing common problems like:

– Excessive meowing and yowling

– Unsupervised counter-surfing

– Scratching furniture and carpets

– Destructive chewing of household items

Give your cat a fun, intriguing toy to batt around while you’re at work and come home to a calm, content kitty!

Tips for Maximum Enjoyment

– Let your cat observe the toy from across the room so it appears like real prey

– Pair with catnip or treats to pique your cat’s initial curiosity

– Dangle and wiggle from a cat wand to mimic injured bird movements

– Limit access to 30-minute intervals 2-3 times per day to keep interest high

– Hide in closets or under beds so your cat can “discover” it while exploring

– Charge fully between play sessions so the flapping and chirping last longer

– Wash plush cover regularly to eliminate smells that mask catnip scent

We Know Pets

At Potaroma, pets are part of our family too. That’s why we design interactive pet toys to provide physical activity, mental enrichment, and fun. Our team is devoted to developing safe, high-quality products that bring joy to pets and pet parents. Your cat’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Bring the thrill of the hunt home to your cat with the Potaroma Lifelike Flapping Sandpiper Cat Toy today!


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