Posca Paint Markers – 8 Pack with Reversible Tips



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Unleash your inner artist with the Posca Paint Marker 8 Pack! This versatile paint marker set is perfect for creative projects on any surface.

Posca paint markers feature high-quality acrylic paint in 8 bold colors. The medium tip size of 2-3mm allows you to create fine details or bolder strokes. Best of all, the tip is reversible to get twice the use out of each marker. Simply pull out the nib and flip it around when the first side runs out of paint.

These paint pens by Posca are ideal art supplies for professional artists, crafters, DIYers and hobbyists. Use them to decorate stationery, customize clothing and accessories, embellish phone cases, personalize home decor items and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Why Choose Posca Paint Markers?

Vibrant Colors – The 8 marker set includes: black, white, yellow, red, blue, green, orange and pink. Vibrant, opaque acrylic paint flows smoothly.

Reversible Nib – Get twice the use from each marker with the reversible bullet tip. Easily flip to the unused side when paint runs out.

Waterbased Formula – Posca markers are non-toxic with an alcohol-free, waterbased pigment. Safe and odorless.

Multisurface Use – Tested on over 50 materials like wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, ceramic and fabric.

Fine Tip Control – The 2-3mm tip allows you to create delicate details or make bolder marks.

Made in Japan – Known for precision manufacturing. Markers are high performing.

Take These Paint Pens Anywhere!

The best thing about Posca paint markers is that you can use them anywhere, on nearly any surface. They are perfect for:

Canvas Art – Create beautiful paintings and abstract art on canvas.

Rock Painting – Turn rocks, pebbles and stones into works of art.

Glass Decor – Personalize mirrors, mason jars, vases and other glass.

DIY Crafts – Customize wood, plastic, metal and ceramic items.

Scrapbooking – Add artistic details to scrapbook pages and cards.

Paper Crafts – Hand lettering, calligraphy, invitations, greeting cards.

T-Shirt Design – Make trendy fashions with hand-painted shirts, shoes and accessories.

Phone Cases – Spruce up plain phone cases with color and designs.

Wall Decor – Turn blank walls into your own art gallery.

Gift Customization – Make store-bought gifts special with a handmade touch.

With this 8 pack of Posca paint markers, you’ll always have your favorite colors on hand for any creative endeavor. The paint pens are convenient to toss in your backpack or craft bag too.

High Quality You Can Rely On

You can trust Posca to provide professional-grade paint pens every time. They are meticulously designed and manufactured in Japan for:

👍 Dry opaqueness – Paint comes out solid and won’t streak.

👍 Color brilliance – Vibrant, intense hues that really pop.

👍 Glide and flow – Smoother ink delivery and less skipping.

👍 Permanent color – Resists fading and is UV resistant.

👍 Versatile use – Tested on a wide range of materials.

Get set up with a high-performing set of paint pens for crafting! The Posca Paint Marker 8 Pack has everything you need.


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