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Looking for litter that eliminates odors quickly while making cleanup easier? PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter is the low maintenance, low tracking solution. The crystal litter absorbs urine and dries waste to rapidly neutralize odors in your cat’s litter box. Plus, it cuts down on tracking and dust compared to traditional clay clumping litter.

Traps Odors 5X Faster Than Clay

The most frustrating part of having a litter box is the smell. Ammonia from urine builds up fast, leaving your home less than fresh. ScoopFree Premium litter uses silica crystals to encapsulate moisture and odor on contact. The crystals work to dry solid waste to remove odors instead of simply masking smells like fragranced litter.

In lab testing, ScoopFree trapped odors 5 times faster than leading clay clumping litter. Your home stays fresher for longer thanks to rapid odor elimination. With less time smelling the litter box, you have more quality moments to bond with your cat.

Long Lasting to Reduce Litter Box Maintenance

Changing litter frequently can be a hassle. ScoopFree Premium crystal litter is engineered to maximize each box. One 4.3 lb bag lasts for up to 30 days in a single cat household.

The premium blue crystals have extra absorption power to lock in more urine and odor. Excellent clumping action also reduces crumbling that shortens traditional clay litter’s life. The result is longer lasting litter that needs fewer refills.

Spend less time scooping and more time playing with your furry friend.

Low Dust and Tracking

Tired of litter scattered across your floors? Crystal litter’s uniform granules have virtually no dust and are specially shaped for low tracking. As your cat exits the litter box, fewer pieces stick to paws to be tracked through the house.

With 99% less dust and half the tracking compared to clay, the premium crystals help limit mess outside the box. No more following a trail of litter to sweep up yet again.

Light Clean Linen Scent

While ScoopFree traps odors in the crystals, it also includes a light fresh scent. Clean linen essential oils give a subtle boost to neutralize any lingering litter box smells.

Some cats dislike heavy fragrances, so the blue crystals use just a hint of scent. Just enough to make the room more pleasant without overwhelming your cat’s sensitive nose.

Portion Control for Convenience

Never run out of litter again with the convenience of portion control. Each 4.3 lb bag contains the ideal amount for one cat’s litter box. No guessing measurements or pouring heavy bags.

The twin pack includes two bags to refresh the litter box anytime. Premium blue crystals can be used in any box, but work best in PetSafe’s compatible crystal litter systems.

Ideal for Single Cat Households

ScoopFree works great for one cat households. The litter is designed to absorb all urine and waste from a single cat each day. For multi-cat homes, additional boxes may be needed so urine does not overwhelm the crystals’ absorption capacity.

Made in the USA, ScoopFree Premium litter meets your cat’s needs while making care easy for you. Simply pour in a fresh bag when the litter level gets low to maintain outstanding odor control and tidiness.

PetSafe’s Crystal Litter Legacy

PetSafe pioneered crystal litter over 15 years ago as a revolutionary alternative to clay. Their signature silica crystals trap odor and moisture while resisting tracking.

Today, the Premium Blue formula improves on the original with more odor elimination power, low dust, and light scent. As a leader in pet care, PetSafe continues to innovate better litter solutions like the ScoopFree system.

Superior Odor Control for Happy Cats and Owners

With ScoopFree Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter, enjoy these advantages:

– Absorbs odors 5 times faster than clay clumping litter
– Low tracking granules help limit mess
– Long lasting performance up to 30 days
– Light clean linen scent
– Portioned bags eliminate guessing
– Made in the USA

Give your cat litter that controls odors and tracking. Bring home cleaner air and less wasted litter with PetSafe.


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