Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy – Level 2 Intermediate Mental Stimulation Game



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Keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours with the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle Toy. This popular intermediate-level puzzle game will challenge your dog’s brain and reward them with tasty treats!

The Dog Brick puzzle toy has three types of treat-hiding compartments to keep your dog guessing. Flip lids open to reveal two separate chambers perfect for concealing kibble or small treats. Sliding brick bones hide the third compartment – your dog will have to remove the bones to uncover the tasty secret inside!

This interactive treat dispenser provides the mental stimulation dogs crave by rewarding your pet as they learn to slide, lift, and flip the various compartments. The Dog Brick puzzle encourages positive playtime and reduces boredom. Your dog will be completely immersed in sniffing out treats, keeping them focused and preventing destructive behaviors.

The Dog Brick treat puzzle toy is designed by renowned pet expert Nina Ottosson to engage your dog’s natural foraging instincts. The unique challenges and rewarding gameplay make this toy a fun activity you can enjoy together with your furry friend. Watch your dog learn and progress through the brick puzzle as their problem-solving skills improve!

This interactive dog toy is made from durable materials that can withstand daily use. The slide compartments and lids are sturdy enough to challenge ambitious power chewers. When playtime is over, all the components can be washed with warm soapy water to keep the toy clean.

You can adjust the level of difficulty by using smaller or larger treats in the compartments. Help your dog build confidence by starting with pieces that fall out easily. Then progress to larger treats that require more manipulation of the toy. Increase the challenges as your pet learns!

The Dog Brick treat dispenser toy helps prevent boredom and anxiety by providing mental and physical stimulation. The puzzle aspect redirects destructive chewing into a positive activity. This interactive play encourages bonding through problem-solving gameplay you can enjoy together.

Keep your dog’s mind active and their body moving with the Outward Hound interactive Dog Brick puzzle!

Benefits of the Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle Toy

– Keeps your dog mentally and physically engaged
– Reduces anxiety and destructive behaviors
– Encourages positive reinforcement through rewards
– Fun bonding experience and interactive play
– Promotes your dog’s natural foraging skills
– Adjustable difficulty levels help build confidence
– Durable construction stands up to daily use
– Easy to clean between play sessions

Features of the Dog Brick Puzzle

Three Types of Treat Hiding Compartments

The Dog Brick puzzle has three unique types of treat chambers to keep your dog on their toes! Flip lids reveal two separate compartments perfect for concealing small treats or kibble. Sliding brick bones cover a third chamber – your dog must remove the bones to uncover the secret treat inside!

Popular Level 2 Intermediate Design

This addictive treat dispenser has stumped dogs worldwide! The Level 2 Dog Brick adds extra obstacles like the sliding bricks to ramp up the challenge. Your dog will be completely immersed in this captivating treat puzzle.

Durable Materials Built to Last

Made from sturdy plastic, the Dog Brick toy can withstand rigorous daily use from determined power chewers. The flip lids and sliding parts are designed to challenge your dog without breaking. The whole toy can be washed with warm soapy water.

Promotes Natural Foraging Skills

Designed by pet expert Nina Ottosson, the Dog Brick engages your dog’s instincts to “hunt” for food. The mental stimulation of seeking treats provides satisfying enrichment. Interactive play is healthy and rewarding.

Adjustable Difficulty Levels

You can easily adjust the challenge by using different sized treats. Start with pieces that fall out easily, then progress to larger treats requiring more toy manipulation as your dog builds confidence!

Prevents Boredom and Anxiety

Keep your dog focused and engaged for hours with this mentally stimulating treat dispenser! The Dog Brick prevents boredom and destructive behaviors by providing a fun, rewarding activity to redirect energy.

Encourages Bonding Through Play

This interactive toy turns treat time into a fun game you can play together! As your dog learns the brick puzzle, their sense of accomplishment will grow. This shared experience strengthens your bond.

How to Use the Dog Brick Puzzle

The Dog Brick keeps dogs engaged as they manipulate the toy to uncover hidden treats. Here are some tips to introduce your pup to this stimulating puzzle:

– Start with easy access to treats by leaving lids and bricks partially open. Let your dog get the hang of accessing all three compartments.

– Once they understand the concept, begin closing lids tightly and sliding bricks fully over chambers. Now your dog must flip, lift and slide to find the treats!

– Increase difficulty gradually over multiple sessions by using larger treats that require more effort to uncover. Your dog will build confidence as they develop their brick puzzle skills!

– Make sure treats are safely secured inside the toy instead of loose where they could fall out and create a choking risk.

– Play together for extra bonding! Praise your pup as they figure out the compartments. The sense of accomplishment is rewarding.

– When puzzle time is over, wash all the toy components with warm soapy water. Rinse and air dry before next use. Keeping the toy clean prevents bacteria.

The Dog Brick interactive treat dispenser provides the mental exercise and rewarding playtime dogs crave. This popular puzzle will keep your best friend engaged for hours while strengthening the bond between you!

Key Benefits of the Dog Brick Puzzle Toy

– Mentally stimulating treat dispensing toy
– Reduces boredom and anxiety in dogs
– Redirects energy into positive playtime
– Adjustable difficulty levels increase challenges
– Promotes natural foraging skills and instincts
– Fun interactive game for bonding
– Durable construction stands up to power chewers
– Easy to clean design between play sessions

Give your dog the engaging enrichment they deserve with the Outward Hound interactive Dog Brick puzzle toy!


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