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Bring home a classic with the Multipet Plush Lambchop Dog Toy. This adorable plush dog toy features the iconic character Lambchop, first introduced in the 1950s by ventriloquist Shari Lewis. Lambchop was a beloved children’s television character for decades and now your pup can enjoy this soft and cuddly version.

This 10-inch Lambchop dog toy is made of a super soft plush exterior that is perfect for cuddling and comfort. The floppy arms and legs make it easy for your dog to carry Lambchop around the house or take her on adventures outside. This wholesome plush toy will quickly become your dog’s new best friend.

Inside the soft and fluffy exterior is a built-in squeaker that adds interactive playtime fun. Your dog will love the squeaky sound and you’ll love watching them pounce and play with joy. The integrated squeaker makes this plush dog toy even more enticing and helps keep your dog engaged for hours of entertainment.

While your dog plays with their new Lambchop toy, keep safety in mind. As with any dog toy, you should supervise your pet during play sessions. While this plush toy is designed with high-quality materials and stitching, vigorous chewers may damage the toy over time. Be sure to check for loose parts and replace the Lambchop toy when it shows signs of significant wear.

Give your medium or smaller breed dog the gift of their very own Lambchop! Fun characters from television and books come to life in dog toy form. This endearing plush toy makes a thoughtful gift for any pup who loves to cuddle or get squeaky with their toys. Bring home the childhood classic Lambchop so your dog can make new memories with this beloved stuffed animal.

An Overview of Lambchop Dog Toys

Plush dog toys are a popular category of dog toys. They provide comfort, entertainment, and even help some dogs with anxiety issues. Lambchop plush dog toys build on the nostalgia and popularity of the classic Lambchop character. Let’s take a closer look at Lambchop plush toys and why dogs love them:

  • Soft and Cuddly Materials – The super soft outer material of Lambchop plush dog toys makes them perfect for cuddling and carrying around. Dogs love soft textures.
  • Fun Shapes – The floppy limbs and long shape give dogs more areas to grab and play with. Dogs love interactive and unique shapes.
  • Squeaky Fun – The internal squeaker adds sound for even more playtime enjoyment. Dogs love noises and reacting to the squeaks.
  • Nostalgic Character – Lambchop is a recognizable character that owners will love too. Give your dog their own version of this childhood icon.
  • Safety First – Always supervise your dog with plush toys. Remove pieces if the toy becomes damaged. Monitor aggressive chewers.

Key Features of the Multipet Plush Lambchop Dog Toy

Let’s look at some of the key features that make the 10-inch Lambchop Dog Toy from Multipet a great choice for your pup:

  • Size – At 10 inches long, this Lambchop toy works well for small to medium dog breeds. The soft floppy body provides plenty of areas for dogs to grab and play with.
  • Materials – A super soft and plush exterior surrounds a squeaker. The materials balance comfort, fun, and durability.
  • Squeaker – The internal squeaker adds sound for even more interactive play. Dogs love toys that squeak!
  • Design – This plush dog toy mirrors the iconic design and colors of the classic Lambchop character. Your dog can now enjoy this childhood icon.
  • Quality – Well-constructed seams and premium materials make this a long-lasting plush dog toy. It’s built to withstand hours of play.

Safety Tips for the Lambchop Dog Toy

Plush dog toys provide hours of enjoyment but do require some safety awareness. Here are tips for safely letting your dog enjoy the Lambchop toy:

  • Supervise your dog during playtime to monitor their behavior with the toy.
  • Inspect for loose parts and damage. Discard the toy if any stuffing becomes exposed.
  • Remove little ears, eyes, or other components if they become loose to prevent choking hazards.
  • Take away plush toys from aggressive chewers who tend to tear up toys.
  • Make sure the toy is proportionate to your dog’s size. Do not give large plush toys to very small dogs.

With supervision, even dogs who are tough on toys can safely play with plush toys like the Lambchop. Simply monitor their behavior and discard the toy when it shows signs of wear. The durable construction will withstand normal puppy playtime.

Delight Your Pup with a Lambchop Dog Toy Today!

Your dog will absolutely love having their very own Lambchop toy to cuddle and play with for hours on end. This high-quality plush toy brings home a nostalgic childhood character in a form just for your dog. The soft exterior and inner squeaker provide comfort, entertainment, and interactive play.

To make your pup’s day, order the Multipet Plush Lambchop Dog Toy now! Your dog will be thrilled to have this soft and cuddly companion by their side. Bring home the classic!


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