Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats Biscuits For Large Dogs Over 50 Pounds – Tasty Crunchy Bone-Shaped Biscuits With Essential Nutrients



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Treat your big furry friend to the bone-shaped biscuit goodness of Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats. Specially formulated for large dogs over 50 pounds, these crunchy baked treats will have your canine companion begging for more. Made with savory flavors and essential vitamins and minerals, Milk-Bone biscuits have been a staple treat for dogs since 1908.

Crunchy Texture for Fresh Breath

Dogs love chomping on these bone-shaped crunchy biscuits. The texture gently cleans their teeth and freshens their doggy breath as they nibble. No more sloppy wet kisses! These crunchy treats are perfect for large breed dogs, providing a satisfying chew to exercise jaws and scrape away plaque and tartar buildup. Your furry friend will love sinking their teeth into them!

Wholesome Ingredients Packed with Nutrition

At Milk-Bone, we believe treats should provide more than just a tasty snack. That’s why these Original dog biscuits contain vitamins and minerals to complement your dog’s regular diet. Calcium and phosphorus help build strong teeth and bones. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E and K nourish your dog’s body from nose to tail. With twelve essential vitamins and minerals, these crunchy baked biscuits support your big dog’s overall health and nutrition.

Made with Real Food Ingredients

You won’t find any artificial flavors or preservatives here. Milk-Bone uses real food ingredients like wheat flour, beef, bacon fat, processed cheese and more to give this classic bone-shaped biscuit its savory flavor and crunchy bite. Dogs can’t resist chowing down on these tasty treats made with high-quality ingredients you can feel good about giving your pet.

More Meaty Taste for Happy Dogs

We’ve enhanced our original Milk-Bone recipe for an even richer, meatier taste. Dogs love the mouthwatering flavors in every bite of these OG bone-shaped biscuits. Real bacon fat gives these crunchy treats that smoky, savory flavor dogs crave. Your large dog will drool in anticipation of their next Milk-Bone biscuit!

Long-Lasting Treats for Repeat Joy

Each crunchy Milk-Bone biscuit takes dogs a while to savor and chew. These long-lasting treats provide plenty of enjoyable snacking time for large dogs. Give your big buddy one as a special treat or reward during training sessions. These original-recipe biscuits bring long-lasting joy with the unmistakable bone-shape and delicious taste dogs love.

Fun for Your Dog, Easy for You

It’s the little things that make your dog’s life better, like getting an unexpected biscuit at any moment of the day. Keep a bag handy so you can surprise them with a tasty bone-shaped treat whenever their tail starts wagging. These OG biscuits are perfectly convenient to grab and go anytime. Plus this 10-pound bag provides you with a bountiful supply so the tail wags never stop.

Made in the USA with Quality Ingredients

You can trust Milk-Bone to provide safe, quality treats. Their baking facilities adhere to strict standards for ingredients, cleaning and quality control. Milk-Bone Dog Treats are made right here in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. Give your dog the very best with the biscuit brand that’s kept dogs smiling for over 100 years.

Bring Your Dog Joy with Milk-Bone

Show your large dog how much you care by treating them to Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats. These crunchy baked biscuits have a taste dogs love and make their tails wag with snacktime joy. With wholesome ingredients full of vitamins, minerals and savory flavor in every bite, you can feel good rewarding your dog with these bone-shaped biscuits. Bring more joy, wags, and kisses into your dog’s life with Milk-Bone.


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