Make Car Interior Mods a Breeze with This Must-Have 5-Piece Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit



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Tackling car interior projects can be daunting, especially when you need to pop off panels and trim without marring or scratching your vehicle’s interior. This 5-piece auto trim removal tool kit takes the stress out of interior mods and repairs by giving you the right tools for the job. With an assortment of wedge tools designed specifically for automotive trim panels, you’ll have everything you need to safely pry, pop, and pull interior pieces on your car or truck.

Specialized Wedge Designs Slip Behind Trim for Scratch-Free Removal

These aren’t just any pry tools. They feature strategically shaped wedges and tips to slide behind trim pieces to pop the fasteners free without damaging the surface. Thick plastic construction prevents marring, while the shapes wedge into gaps and seams safely and effectively. The kit includes:

  • 2 standard wedge tools for gently prying up flat trim panels.
  • 1 curved pick ideal for gently popping audio and radio trim bezels.
  • 1 forked wedge tool perfect for working in awkward spaces and seams.
  • 1 extra-long curved tool that reaches behind dash pieces with ease.

With this versatile 5-piece assortment, you’ll have a specialized tool for all kinds of car interior trim pieces to remove them without a trace.

Durable, Yet Lightweight Plastic Construction

The thick, durable plastic is designed to be gentle on car interior surfaces, yet strong enough for years of use. The plastic withstands high leverage without snapping or cracking. It’s also lightweight, so your hand won’t get fatigued from working with heavy steel tools.

The plastic is also non-marring, so no scratches or chips. That means pristine, damage-free removal of your interior pieces for upgrades, repairs, cleaning, and more.

Ergonomic Handles Keep the Tools Securely In-Hand

Trying to pry with tiny tools that don’t fit your hand properly is annoying and risky. These trim tools feature ergonomic, anti-slip handles that mold to your grip. This keeps the tool securely in your hand, even when applying upward force. No accidental slips or drops that could damage your interior.

The handles are also comfortable, with a thick, easy-grip texture. This reduces hand strain and fatigue, especially during longer projects.

Take On Doors, Dash, Audio Installs, and More with Confidence

This kit truly equips you for just about any interior trim removal task, including:

  • Doors – Safely pop door panels and access components like locks, windows, and handles for repair or upgrade.
  • Dash – Remove dash trim, bezels, and panels to install gauges, switches, and more without marring the dash.
  • Audio – Pop stereo, speaker, and radio trims to upgrade your sound system or tackle repairs.
  • Flooring/Trim – Remove molded trim and sills for cleaning, restoration, or new flooring installation.
  • Upholstery – Gently loosen upholstered panels to access components or replace upholstery.

Whether you’re a DIY novice or experienced auto enthusiast, this kit has you covered for virtually any interior trim removal job.

High-Quality Construction Built to Last

The plastic wedge tools feature precise molding and construction, built to last through years of weekend projects and repairs. The thick, reinforced plastic stands up job after job without succumbing to cracks and chips.

The ergonomic handles also maintain their sure-grip texture, providing reliable hand traction even after repeated use. This set is made by BLAU, a leading brand trusted by automotive enthusiasts for durable, specialized auto tools.

Car Interior Mods Made Simple and Safe

If you’re ready to customize, upgrade, or repair your car’s interior without damage, this 5-piece trim tool set has you covered. The specialized wedge designs allow safe, mar-free removal of panels, trims, upholstery, and more. No more scratching from makeshift metal tools!

The plastic construction is gentle yet durable, while the ergonomic grips provide control and prevent hand fatigue. Keep this set handy in your garage, and you’ll tackle interior jobs with confidence and ease. Your car’s interior will thank you.

We Stand Behind Our Products with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your trim removal tool purchase. That’s why we back this set with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% happy, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement. We also provide prompt, friendly customer service if you have any issues or questions. Don’t be stuck struggling with frustrating interior projects – order your 5-piece trim tool set today!


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