Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit – Unique Couples Gifts to Capture Your Hands in Time



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Capture the special bond between you and your loved one with the Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit. This is the perfect couples gift to preserve a moment in time and create a unique keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come.

With this easy to use kit, you can immortalize the shape, lines, and details of your hands together. The premium molding gel captures every fingerprint, wrinkle, and crease to make an incredibly detailed cast. Display your completed hand casting sculpture prominently in your home as a romantic symbol of your relationship.

The Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit makes a thoughtful gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any special occasion. It’s a fun activity you can do together as a couple that results in a meaningful work of art. The process of making the cast and seeing your hands united is sure to create lasting memories.

### Product Highlights:

– Captures a special moment together in a unique hand casting sculpture
– Preserves every line and fingerprint in the molding gel
– Easy to use – no artistic skill required
– Thoughtful gift for couples – weddings, anniversaries, holidays
– Fun activity to do together – makes lasting memories
– Completed sculpture is a romantic display piece

### Premium Quality Materials

The Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit uses only the highest quality materials for the best results. The fast-acting alginate molding gel captures incredible detail before setting up quickly. It’s non-toxic and safe on skin.

The fine casting stone powder mixes with water to fill the mold. It hardens into a smooth, durable stone replica that brings out every impression in the mold. Detailed instructions are included to ensure you get a perfect cast every time.

### Couples Size – Fits 2 Adult Hands

With its extra large capacity bucket and premium molding powder, the Luna Bean kit can easily capture a couple holding hands or even overlapping. No more trying to squish two hands into a small container!

The materials included are enough to mold and cast up to two adult hands clasped together. Or you can capture one adult and one child’s hand, with supplies left over.

### Simple Step-by-Step Process

Creating a professional looking hand cast is easy, even if you have no prior art experience. Everything you need is included in the kit, along with simple visual instructions.

Here’s an overview of the hand casting process in 4 steps:

1. Prepare the fast-acting molding gel in the bucket. Submerge both hands together in the liquid mixture.

2. Hold still for 2-3 minutes while the gel firms around your hands to capture the shape and details.

3. Carefully remove hands from the flexible mold. Allow it to cure completely.

4. Mix and pour casting stone into the mold. Remove the finished sculpture once fully hardened.

Display your hand casting proudly with the included display stand accessory. This thoughtful gift idea results in a beautiful work of art you’ll enjoy for years to come.

### Satisfaction Guarantee

Luna Bean provides exceptional customer service and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your hand casting kit. Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience creating a meaningful keepsake.

If you need help or have any issues at any point in the process, contact the friendly Luna Bean customer support team. We will provide guidance to ensure you successfully capture this special moment.

### Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Includes:

– Large plastic molding bucket
– 700g premium molding powder
– 1200g casting stone powder
– 4 sand papers
– 2 demolding sticks
– 2 detailing sticks
– Sculpting knife
– Pair of gloves
– Detailing pin
– Visual instructions
– Online instructional video
– 100% satisfaction guarantee

### Perfect Gift for:

– Weddings
– Anniversaries
– Valentine’s Day
– Christmas
– Engagements
– Romantic gift for her or him

Capture your hands together with the Luna Bean Couples Hand Casting Kit and create a unique romantic sculpture that preserves this special moment in your relationship.


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