LivTee 240pcs Car Plastic Push Pin Rivet Fasteners Assortment Kit – Universal Retainer Clips and Removal Tool for Auto Interior/Exterior Trim



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Give your car interior a quick makeover or repair any loose trim with this comprehensive 240 piece push pin rivet fastener assortment kit by LivTee. The kit contains 240 plastic automotive retainer clips in a wide variety of styles and sizes to securely reattach any interior or exterior trim pieces that have come loose over time.

Assortment of 240 Retainers for a Variety of Applications

This convenient kit comes organized in a sturdy plastic case and includes the following retainer clip quantities and types:

  • 60 pcs – White Nylon Push Type
  • 60 pcs – Black Nylon Push Type
  • 30 pcs – Gray Nylon Push Type
  • 30 pcs – Blue Nylon Push Type
  • 20 pcs – White/Black 2-prong Push Type
  • 20 pcs – White/Gray 2-prong Push Type
  • 10 pcs – Black 2-prong Push Type
  • 10 pcs – White 3-prong Push Type

With 16 different styles and sizes, this automotive retainer clip variety pack has you covered for practically any loose plastic trim repair on your car or truck. No more frustration trying to find the exact replacement clip – this kit provides a complete selection for both interior and exterior applications.

Durable Construction for Secure Hold

The nylon plastic retainers in this set are made from sturdy and flexible engineered polymers designed to hold trim pieces securely without breaking. The push pin rivets have retention heads that pop through the factory trim holes and expand on the underside to grip the panel tightly. Just press fit by hand or use a trim tool for easy, frustration-free installation.

Handy Removal Tool Included

We’ve included a blue nylon removal tool so you can easily extract any damaged or worn factory clips before installing your new replacements. Just insert the hook end underneath the fastener head and pry upwards gently to remove it. The removal tool ensures you don’t damage the trim while taking out old plastic clips.

Universal Fit for DIYers and Pros

Whether you’re a DIYer repairing interior trim in your own vehicle or a professional mechanic working on customer cars, this 240 piece clip assortment set has you covered. The nylon push pins are universally compatible with most makes and models – both foreign and domestic.

Use them to reattach loose door panels, consoles, cargo liners, pillar trim, trunk trim, bed liners, fender flares, bumpers, wheel well liners, dashboard components, and so much more. The possibilities are endless with 240 durable retainers!

Get Your Car Looking Like New Again

Replace missing or broken fasteners to make inexpensive repairs and upgrades to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Refresh the look with new trim clips for console panels, headliners, door pads, trunk trim, and any plastic components that need some reattachment TLC.

Whether you’re repairing some unsightly rattles or upgrading the style with DIY trim accents, this assorted set of 240 nylon push pin rivets and the handy removal tool will get the job done. Make your car look great again with the comprehensive LivTee retainer clip kit!


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