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Is your baby enthralled every time you pick up your video game controller? Do they try grabbing it from your hands, mashing the buttons in delight? Then it’s time to get your tiny tot their very own (pretend) controller with Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller!

This interactive smart toy introduces all the basics – numbers, letters, colors, shapes – in a way your game-loving kiddo will adore. With lights, music, phrases and multiple modes, it captures baby’s attention and teaches essential skills for school readiness.

Level up your baby’s learning with this controller toy today!

Engages Multiple Senses for Complete Immersion

Well-designed educational toys engage multiple senses simultaneously. This boosts immersion, extending your child’s attention span and improving knowledge retention.

Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Controller cleverly incorporates lights, sounds and textures into its gamepad design. As your baby interacts with the buttons and joystick, delightful light shows are activated. Upbeat tunes begin playing. And an assortment of phrases, sounds and silly laughter reward your little one’s curiosity.

The big, easy-to-grab joystick is perfect for little hands learning fine motor skills. Sliding it side-to-side prompts fun reactions from the toy. Pressing the colorful lettered buttons elicits alphabet lessons, while the numbered directional pad introduces counting concepts.

With so many buttons and features to explore, your baby will be fully immersed in play and learning!

Two Education Modes: Learning and Just-for-Fun

Parents will appreciate the two separate modes on this smart toy game controller. Use Learning Mode when you want to actively engage your baby with alphabet, number, color, shape and music education. Then switch to Just-For-Fun mode when it’s time for free play.

In Learning Mode, pressing a button prompts the controller to identify the shape, number, letter or color. Upbeat songs teach phonics and counting skills through singalong instructions. Slide the joystick to hear cheerful melodies and phrases.

In Just-For-Fun Mode, your baby can freely explore the controller’s lights, sounds and buttons without structured learning. This lets them dictate the play, following their own curiosity. The lights and music reward your little one, encouraging continued interaction.

Having both modes allows you to tailor playtime to your child’s mood and focus level. Education when they’re attentive, free play when they just want to have fun!

Features That Grow with Your Child

Avoid toys that your child will quickly outgrow! This smart controller is thoughtfully designed to engage your baby now, while also teaching skills they’ll need as a toddler.

The easy-to-press buttons are perfect for early motor development. Sliding the joystick helps refine hand-eye coordination. The light-up face provides visual stimulation.

As your child grows, the toy introduces age-appropriate skills. Numbers, letters, colors and phonics lessons establish the building blocks for early math and reading comprehension. Actions like twisting the clicker disc and toggling the switch further develop fine motor dexterity.

This versatile toy truly grows with your child!

Perfect for Imaginative Role-Playing Games

Does your little one love “playing video games” on your game console alongside you? With this smart educational controller, they can now pretend to play games just like Mom or Dad!

Its realistic design resembles an actual gaming controller, with joystick, directional pad and colorful lettered/numbered buttons. This promotes imaginative role-play as your toddler “games” right next to you.

The two play modes let your child toggle between structured learning and free play. They can create pretend challenges, then try to “beat” them. This creativity boosts cognitive, social and emotional skills through interactive adventures.

So turn on some game sounds in the background, and let your tiny tot immerse themselves in skill-building pretend play!

All the Basics for School Readiness

This clever controller toy introduces all the essential early learning concepts your baby needs to thrive:

Numbers – The directional pad has brightly colored numbers that teach counting and number recognition. Phrases identify numerals during play.

Alphabet – The lettered ABCD buttons assist with letter identification. Songs teach phonics sounds.

Shapes – Each button is uniquely shaped, allowing shape recognition practice. Phrases name shapes during playtime.

Colors – Vibrantly colored buttons boost color identification abilities. Songs point out specific colors.

Music – Playful songs expose your child to a range of musical tones and tempos.

Learning all of these basic concepts ensures your baby enters preschool with key academic skills already in place!

Endless Educational Playtime

As important as education is making it FUN. This toy controller delivers plenty of both!

The lights, sounds and assorted button play ensures your baby stays captivated through many months of development. They’ll eagerly return to it again and again, enjoying the delight of self-created games and challenges.

And as your child discovers new abilities, this smart toycontroller engages them in new ways. Just when they seem to master its features, it will surprise them with something new to learn.

Give your tiny gamer the controller of their dreams. Learning has never been so fun and immersive!

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.05 lbs
  • Batteries required: 2 AA (included)
  • Materials: Plastic housing, silicone buttons
  • Two modes: Learning and Just for Fun
  • Skills taught: Numbers, alphabet, phonics, colors, shapes, music
  • Appropriate ages: 6 months – 3 years
  • Additional features: Joystick, clicker disc, on/off toggle switch

Let your baby take control of their learning with Fisher-Price’s Game & Learn Controller. This futuristic smart toy will have them laughing and learning for hours on end!


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