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Tired of cleaning splatters and drips after every use? Frustrated by cold spots and uneven heating? Struggling to find proper fitting lids? With the LekDrok Microwave Food Cover and Mat, you can solve all these problems and more!

This innovative 2-piece set includes a BPA-free microwave cover and a heat resistant silicone mat designed to work together to deliver efficient, mess-free cooking every time.

Microwave Cover Contains Messes for Quick, Easy Cleanups

The microwave cover is specially shaped to fit over plates, bowls, mugs, and more up to 10.5 inches wide. Four sloped sides prevent splashes and drips from escaping and making a mess of your microwave interior while you reheat leftovers or cook a quick meal.

This cover can expand from 0.75 to 3.4 inches tall to accommodate different dish heights. Built-in vents allow steam to escape while keeping food contained. And unlike many rigid lids, this microwave cover collapses flat for compact storage when not in use.

With the LekDrok cover, you’ll spend less time scraping dried food off the walls and glass turntable of your microwave. Just remove the cover and give it a quick wipe or toss it in the dishwasher occasionally to keep it fresh and clean.

Silicone Mat Prevents Burns and Doubles as Trivet

The included BPA-free silicone mat serves multiple purposes:

– Provides a protective barrier between hot food and the glass turntable to prevent cracking from extreme temperatures
– Acts as a trivet to remove hot plates and bowls without burning fingers
– Doubles as a multipurpose hot pad, jar opener, resting mat and more

This heat resistant mat can withstand temperatures up to 572°F. Yet the flexible silicone construction allows it to be folded up or rolled for compact storage.

Tired of potholders that are bulky or don’t provide adequate coverage? This silicone mat is the perfect solution.

Microwave Cover and Mat Work Together

While the microwave cover and silicone mat each offer unique benefits, they really shine when used together.

Here’s how it works:

1. Place your food on a microwave-safe plate or in a bowl.

2. Cover with the microwave cover, adjusting the height as needed.

3. Set your cooking time and power level.

4. Heat your food in the microwave.

5. When cooking is complete, set the silicone mat on a heatproof surface.

6. Carefully lift the hot plate or bowl using the mat as a trivet and set it on the silicone mat.

7. Remove the cover and enjoy your food!

With this simple process, you’ll have hot, perfectly cooked food ready to eat in minutes without dirtying up your microwave or risking burns.

Fits Most Microwaves and Dishes

With a 10.5 inch diameter, this microwave cover set will fit most standard turntables. Shorter plates, bowls, mugs and more can sit directly on the silicone mat within the cover.

Taller items may need to sit on an inverted bowl or stand above the mat. But the adjustable lid height provides flexibility.

More Uses for the Silicone Microwave Mat

Don’t limit the included silicone mat to just microwave use. This multipurpose helper can assist with:

– Draining vegetables, fruits, pasta and more as a colander
– Creating a clean prep surface for cutting meats and veggies
– Protecting hands from burns when opening jars
– Providing a heat-safe trivet for hot pots and pans
– Serving as a placemat, coaster or drying mat

Store this silicone mat flat or rolled up. Toss it in a bag or keep it handy on the counter for versatility.

Ditch Plastic Wrap and Bulky Lids

Stop struggling to find the right lid to fit your plates and bowls. And say goodbye to wasteful plastic wrap or paper towels meant to cover food but end up being single use.

With the LekDrok microwave cover and mat set, you have a reusable solution custom designed to keep microwave cooking clean and easy. Durable materials mean these useful accessories will last through many meals.

Order the LekDrok Microwave Cover and Mat Set Now

Provide better protection for your microwave, dishes, and hands while streamlining meal prep. This cover and mat set will become a kitchen staple you won’t want to live without.

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