Klein Tools Circuit Breaker Finder – Locate Correct Breaker Fast & Accurately





Stop wasting time flipping breakers trying to locate the right circuit. The Klein Tools ET310 Circuit Breaker Finder takes the guesswork out of identifying circuits during electrical troubleshooting and installation.

This two-part system transmits a signal from an outlet to the correct circuit breaker in the main panel. The receiver gives audible & visual cues to instantly pinpoint which breaker to switch off. No more flipping every breaker aimlessly!

The transmitter plugs into any grounded 120V North American outlet and has a built-in GFCI tester to inspect wiring safety. The compact receiver scans breakers in the main panel up to 200 feet away.

Safely locate circuits in 90-120V AC systems. Cuts maintenance and troubleshooting time in half for electricians and DIYers. Backed by Klein’s reputation for professional grade electrical tools.


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