Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Angle Gauge Multi-purpose Pro Tool Measures 0-180 Degrees



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The Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Angle Gauge is the ultimate multi-purpose tool designed to make measuring and marking angles effortless for any job. This innovative digital level and protractor combines the functionality of multiple tools into one compact and portable unit.

With an easy-to-read backlit display, this digital angle finder measures between 0-90 or 0-180 degrees with unparalleled precision. The auto-leveling and zero calibration features allow for fast, accurate measurements whether upright, upside-down, or lying flat. Just press the zero button to set a reference point before measuring relative angles.

The strong integrated magnet securely attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces like metal studs, conduit, pipes, saw blades, and more to free up both hands. The overmolded housing withstands jobsite abuse while the durable V-groove edges grip round surfaces for optimal alignment. This makes quick work of conduit bending, trapeze building, and bracket leveling.

Key Features:

– Measures 0-90 and 0-180 degree ranges for maximum versatility
– High contrast, auto-rotating display for visibility in any orientation
– Integrated magnet attaches securely to metal surfaces for hands-free use
– Zero calibration allows precise relative angle measurements
– V-groove edges align perfectly on round conduits and pipes
– Water and dust resistant design for jobsite durability
– Includes soft pouch for protection and 2 AAA batteries

Whether working with electrical conduit and pipe, HVAC ducting, or structural installations, this digital angle finder has you covered. The Klein Tools 935DAG gives trade professionals and DIYers the ability to precisely set and measure angles for faster layouts and accurate bends. Stop fumbling with separate bulky tools and experience easier, error-free measuring with one compact pocket-sized unit.

This innovative dual-range protractor replaces the need for multiple leveling instruments. Gone are the days of squinting at tiny level vials or wrestling with manual protractors. The large high contrast display rotates in any orientation for quick checking of relative angles and hands-free measurements.

Designed to withstand jobsite abuse, the durable composite housing is rated IP42 for water and dust resistance. The strong integrated magnet allows secure attachment to metal surfaces leaving hands free to scribe lines or make adjustments. V-grooved edges provide optimal grip and alignment on curved pipes or conduit for perfect bends.

Whether working on conduit runs, fabricating brackets, or laying out stair stringers, this digital angle finder streamlines layout and measuring. The zero feature allows you to calibrate relative to any sloped surface for faster, more precise angle adjustments. Stop guessing – let the Klein Tools 935DAG provide reliable, error-free readings instantly.

Experience the versatility of an electronic level, protractor, and angle gauge combined in one indispensable pocket-sized tool. The Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Angle Gauge takes the guesswork out of measuring angles and leveling virtually any project or installation.


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