Klein Tools 11-in-1 Impact Rated Multi-Bit Screwdriver / Nut Driver Set



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Tackle a wide variety of fastening and driving tasks with this versatile 11-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver and nut driver set from Klein Tools. Specially designed for use with impact drivers, the industrial strength phillips, slotted, square, and torx bits stand up to the high torque these power tools provide without camming out or stripping screw heads.

Built for Impact Drivers and Standard Screwdrivers

The Klein Tools 32500HD multi-bit screwdriver set features an impact-rated design that makes it compatible for use with both impact drivers and standard screwdrivers. The 1/4-inch hex shank securely fits impact driver chucks to deliver controlled high torque driving power. A cushion grip screwdriver handle provides comfort and control when manually driving screws.

Quick and Easy Bit Changes

Changing bits is fast and easy thanks to the integrated 1/4-inch hex magnetic bit holder. The strong magnet holds bits securely in place during use and stores them conveniently when not in active use. Color coded power nut drivers make size identification effortless.

Industrial Strength Multi-Bit Set

This 11-in-1 kit equips you for a wide variety of fastening and driving tasks. It includes:

  • #1 and #2 Phillips Bits
  • 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch Slotted Bits
  • T10 and T15 Torx Bits
  • #1 and #2 Robertston (Square Recess) Bits
  • 3/16-inch, 7/16-inch, 1/2-inch, and 9/16-inch Nut Driver Bits

The phillips, slotted, torx, and square tips are made from hardened alloy steel for durability and reduced cam-out. Precision machining ensures each bit seats firmly and has a tight fit. The nut driver bits convert the tool into a magnetic nut driver, color coded for quick size identification.

Comfortable Cushion Grip Handle

The ergonomic cushion grip handle provides exceptional comfort for reduced hand fatigue during extended use. The secure grip also enhances control and torque when manually driving screws. Even when wearing gloves, the handle design provides a sturdy non-slip grip.

Convenient Magnetic Storage

The integrated magnet within the 1/4-inch hex bit driver conveniently holds bits and nut driver sockets for easy access and organization. Bits and drivers are stored securely in place right on the tool. This prevents loss and makes bits readily available for quick changes.

Klein Tools Quality

Klein Tools prides themselves on manufacturing quality American made tools for professional tradespeople. Klein’s selection, quality, and durability are trusted by electricians, technicians, plumbers, automotive mechanics, HVAC pros, and other demanding trades. All Klein Tools come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pick up the Klein Tools 32500HD 11-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver set for your power driving needs. The versatile screwdriver and nut driver design handles everything from delicate electronics to heavy duty automotive or construction projects. This professional grade set provides premium bits, nut drivers, storage, and performance in one toolbox ready tool.


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