Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box – Stylish Outdoor Storage for Patio Furniture, Pool Toys and Yard Tools



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The Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box is the perfect outdoor storage solution for anyone looking to declutter their patio, pool area or yard. This stylish deck box provides 30 gallons of weather-resistant storage space in a compact and versatile design.

Durable and Strong Construction

Built to last, the Keter City deck box is constructed from polypropylene resin plastic with an appealing wood-grain texture. The all-weather resin material is designed to prevent rusting, peeling and denting, even after years outdoors exposed to the elements. It will never rot, warp or deteriorate like real wood.

The sturdy resin construction allows this deck box to support up to 220 lbs when used as extra seating. The lid automatically locks into place with piston-assisted opening, keeping your contents secure while allowing easy one-hand access.

Ideal for All Your Outdoor Storage Needs

With dimensions of 22.75″ L x 17.3″ W x 21.7″ H and interior capacity of 22.71″ L x 16.3″ W x 20.3″ H, the Keter City deck box provides ample space for all your outdoor accessories. Keep pool toys, floaties, towels, goggles, kickboards and more organized with dedicated outdoor storage.

Use the deck box to store gardening tools and supplies, like gloves, shears, fertilizer or garden hoses. Keep outdoor cushions, pillows and patio furniture covers dry inside when not in use. Store sports balls, frisbees, water guns and other outdoor toys out of the way but easily accessible.

The Keter City deck box is also perfect for hiding away unsightly yard tools like rakes, shovels and brooms. Use it as weather-resistant storage for DIY/automotive supplies like paint cans, motor oil or cleaning products that are better stored outside your living space.

Stylish Resin Deck Box Enhances Your Outdoor Space

Made from a wood-look resin material in an attractive grey finish, this deck box is designed with style in mind. The neutral gray color blends seamlessly with any outdoor décor, adding curb appeal to your patio, pool area or yard.

The boxy yet elegant shape and smoothly finished resin construction give this outdoor storage box the look of real wood, without the cost, maintenance, and weathering downsides. Place it on your patio, deck, balcony or yard to instantly add style and function.

Multi-Functional Design Adds Seating and Table Space

The Keter City deck box does double duty as extra seating and table space thanks to its durable resin construction. The lid securely closes and can hold up to 220 lbs when used as bench seating. This provides a useful extra spot to sit outdoors when entertaining or enjoying your yard.

Leave the lid open to transform the deck box into a side table or ottoman. Use it as a surface for food and beverages when hanging out by the pool. The multifunctional design ensures you get even more use and value out of this outdoor storage box.

Easy No-Tools Assembly in Minutes

Assembling the Keter City resin deck box takes just minutes and requires no tools. Simply unpack all the components and follow the included instructions to connect the base to the lid. The piston-assisted opening mechanism allows you to insert or remove contents with one hand, while keeping the lid securely closed when not in use.

Weather-Resistant Construction for Years of Use

Made from durable polypropylene resin, the Keter City deck box is constructed to be completely weatherproof and able to withstand all seasons. The wood-style resin material resists denting, peeling, fading and rusting. It will never warp, rot or deteriorate after exposure to rain, snow, sun and other outdoor elements.

You can keep the Keter City deck box outside year-round, regardless of the weather. The fade-resistant gray color will maintain its stylish look for many years as your outdoor décor evolves around it.

Compact Size Fits Any Outdoor Space

Measuring just 22.75” long x 17.3” wide x 21.7” high, this deck box is designed to fit even small patios, balconies, porches and yard spaces. The vertical rectangular shape tucks neatly beside or between existing outdoor furniture. Its neutral gray color blends in with any style from modern to farmhouse.

The compact resin construction keeps the weight manageable at just under 25 lbs. You can easily move the empty deck box around your yard to find the optimal storage location. The size also makes the Keter City deck box easy to transport and install for renters and those who move frequently.

Keep Your Yard and Patio Organized with Dedicated Outdoor Storage

The struggle of lacking sufficient outdoor storage space is real. This deck box solves that problem with durable all-weather construction, ample 30-gallon capacity and a stylish design to complement your yard. Keep all your outdoor essentials contained in one place, out of the way but still conveniently accessible whenever needed.

Free up cluttered patios and pool decks for better relaxation and entertaining. Use the Keter City deck box to corral scattered toys, tools, furniture pads and other outdoor accessories that can quickly make yards look messy. Stop improvising with plastic bins and cardboard boxes that deteriorate outdoors.

The Keter City Deck Box is the outdoor storage solution you’ve been waiting for. Order today to finally reclaim outdoor space and get your patio, pool and yard areas organized.


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