Keep Your Plushie Collection Organized and On Display with Lilly’s Love Stuffed Animal Nets



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Do you have a growing collection of stuffed animals that seem to be taking over your home? Are teddy bears and plushies starting to pile up on beds, clutter shelves, and get scattered across the floor? While we all love our snuggly friends, sometimes our collections can get a bit out of hand. That’s why Lilly’s Love created these extra large stuffed animal nets – to help you neatly store and display your plushie treasures in any room!

High Quality Nets Keep Plushies Safe While Freeing Up Space

These nets are crafted using thick, durable fishing net fibers rather than flimsy mesh that could easily snag and tear. The tightly woven netting ensures even small stuffed animals won’t fall through, keeping your collection secure as they hang. Each net measures a spacious 47 x 47 x 67 inches, providing ample room for dozens of plushies. And the open weave still allows you to see your stuffed favorites tucked inside.

Hanging plush toys up and out of the way keeps them looking neat, while freeing up valuable floor space in bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries and more. The stuffed animal nets make it easy to organize collections of all sizes. Plus they help protect delicate plushies from damage and dirt on the floor.

Cute Corner Hammocks Showcase Your Collection

These hammock style nets create a gorgeous display for your most prized stuffed animals and plushies. The open corner design allows the net to blend into the background, so all eyes are on your adorable stuffed gang. The nets stretch across a corner or hang on a wall above a bed or shelf to keep plushies together in one spot.

Kids will love having their stuffed animal friends “watch over” and hang out above their bed or reading nook. The nets also make great decoration for nurseries, daycares or bedrooms. Display your child’s favorite cuddly toys or collectible stuffed animals in an artistic corner net gallery.

Simple Installation with Included Hardware

These clever corner nets couldn’t be easier to set up. Each net comes with anchors, hooks, and an easy step-by-step instruction manual so you can get organized fast. All the necessary mounting hardware is included – no trips to the hardware store needed!

The anchors and hooks allow the net to be securely hung in just about any corner or wall in your home. All it takes is a bit of measuring, a few screws in the anchors, and attaching the hooks. You’ll be able to neatly store away plushies in no time. No special skills or tools required.

Keep Collections Organized and Donatereturns

Lilly’s Love provides the highest quality stuffed animal nets available, but in the rare case a net doesn’t work for your space, we happily accept returns. Any returned nets are donated directly to Toys for Tots to help provide toys for children in need. So you can organize your plushie family while paying kindness forward.

Since 2015, our family-owned business has taken pride in creating products that help kids and parents keep spaces tidy but still fun. Made in Canada, our nets are built to last years of love from even the most rambunctious kids and chompiest pets.

Questions or concerns? Our friendly customer service team is ready to help get your plushie collection neatly hung up and out of the way. Don’t let stuffed animals continue to take over – order a 2-pack of Lilly’s Love corner nets today and reclaim your space while displaying your treasures!


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