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Tired of the cluttered mess around your bathroom sink? Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, soaps, razors, and who knows what else piled on the counter or stuffed in a cup. It’s an eyesore and can get grimy. Keep your bathroom counter clutter-free and organized with the space-saving iHave Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser.

Convenient Storage for All Your Bathroom Essentials

This versatile bathroom storage solution features three compartments to neatly store all your oral hygiene and bathroom items in one place. The large main tray has space for multiple toothbrushes, combs, razors, and more. Two removable cups with magnets allow you to store and display mouthwash upside down to prevent dust and grime from getting inside. And there’s a handy slide-out drawer for tucked away storage of toothpaste, floss, cotton swabs, and small toiletries.

With space for up to 6 toothbrushes, the whole family can have their own spot. No more mixing up brushes! The slide-out drawer fits standard and travel size toothpaste tubes, and the adjustable metal bar squeezes just the right amount onto your brush with a push of the lever. No more messy toothpaste blobs in the sink.

Toothpaste Dispenser Prevents Waste and Mess

Having toothpaste neatly stored in the dispenser makes your morning routine quicker and cleaner. Just slide the lever down to dispense the desired amount of toothpaste directly onto your toothbrush. This eliminates wasted toothpaste globs in the sink from squeezed tubes.

The dispenser is designed for all brands and sizes of toothpaste tubes up to 0.47 inches in diameter. From kid-size tubes to jumbo family size, it keeps the paste where it belongs – on your brush! Tubes are stored upright to prevent the paste from drying out and the metal bar applies gentle pressure for mess-free dispensing.

Modern Bathroom Storage Solution

Ditch the boring plastic bathroom cup cluttering up your sink. This ultra-functional toothbrush holder adds a touch of modern style to your bathroom. The sleek white acrylic construction resists stains and features smooth rounded edges.

Two removable clear acrylic cups allow you to display mouthwash or rinse attractively. The magnetic base holds them upside down to prevent dust and dirt from collecting inside.

The slide-out drawer seamlessly blends with acrylic body and features a chrome finished handle that adds elegance. Soft close gliders prevent slamming.

Adheres Securely to Any Wall Surface

Installation is quick and easy with the included ultra-sticky adhesive strips. No drilling holes or damaging your walls required! Just clean the mounting area, peel off the adhesive backing, and press firmly for 60 seconds.

The strong adhesive forms a tight seal that grips any smooth surface – tile, metal, wood, marble, glass, painted drywall. It won’t budge even in humid bathroom environments.

While the adhesive is incredibly strong, the toothbrush holder can be removed without ruining your walls. If you ever want to relocate it, just warm the adhesive with a blowdryer and gently pry off. Any residual adhesive peels away cleanly.

In case your wall surface is textured, uneven, or covered in wallpaper, mounting hardware is included for a screwed installation. The sturdy steel bracket provides reinforced mounting security.

Easy Maintenance & Convenient Design

The toothbrush holder is designed for hassle-free cleaning. Simply detach the cups and slide out the drawer to rinse away toothpaste gunk and grime. Ventilation slots at the base allow air circulation and drainage to prevent bacterial growth.

The slide-out toothpaste dispenser conveniently lifts out for a thorough cleaning or to load a new tube. Just drop in a toothpaste tube up to 0.47 inches diameter and slide the lever down to desired pressure.

All parts are 100% BPA free food-grade acrylic plastic for safe hygienic use in the bathroom. Rounded edges prevent cracked corners.

Drain holes in the cups prevent moldy moisture build up. And the upside down design keeps mouthwash dust-free between uses. No more rinsing grit out of your mouth!

Take Back Your Bathroom Counter Today

Reclaim your bathroom sink and keep oral hygiene essentials organized with this space-saving toothbrush holder. Ditch the cups and clutter to store brushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and more in one convenient wall-mounted unit. It makes your morning routine faster and your bathroom cleaner.

The iHave Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser is backed by a 1 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Purchase risk-free today to take back your bathroom counter and say goodbye to clutter for good!


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