INNAV8 Garden Hose Nozzle with Thumb Control and 10 Spray Patterns



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Tired of fumbling with hard-to-squeeze garden hose nozzles? Experience effortless watering control with the INNAV8 Garden Hose Nozzle. This heavy-duty sprayer features an innovative thumb control design for easy one-handed operation and comfortable extended use.

Simply push the thumb switch up to turn on the water flow and down to stop it. The ergonomic pistol-grip fits comfortably in your hand while the rubberized non-slip grip remains easy to hold whether wet or dry. No more finger fatigue or strained wrists from constant trigger squeezing.

The insulated grip keeps your hands protected from temperature extremes. No more frozen fingers in winter or burnt hands from hot metal handles left in the summer sun. Experience comfortable, convenient watering every time.

Not only is this garden hose nozzle easy to control, it also provides incredible watering versatility. 10 different spray patterns are built-in for handling any yard and garden task. Easily rotate the nozzle tip to switch between settings:

  • Center Jet – Intense stream for high-pressure cleaning
  • Angled Jet – Directed cleaning spray
  • Flat Fan – Gentle watering of delicate plants
  • Center Fan – Broad coverage for beds and lawns
  • Full Fan – Wide even coverage for large areas
  • Cone Jet – Concentrated flow for targeting spots
  • Mist – Ultra-fine spray for seedlings
  • Shower – Soft overall coverage
  • Flat – For delicate rinsing
  • Soaker – Low output watering

Whatever your watering needs, this nozzle has you covered. Easily clean driveways, nurture flowers, spray lawns, rinse cars, or bathe pets. The custom spray patterns make all yard and garden tasks a breeze.

The leak-free connection system ensures a worry-free, water-tight seal every time you attach the nozzle to your hose. An inner rubber gasket blocks leaks while the solid brass construction resists corrosion and cracking. You’ll enjoy reliable performance season after season with no annoying drips or wasted water.

Experience the convenience of no-squeeze watering control with the INNAV8 Garden Hose Nozzle. Order yours today to upgrade your standard side-squeeze nozzle to effortless thumb-controlled flow. The ergonomic grip and versatile spray patterns will make yard work fun and comfortable again.


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