Immerse Yourself in Virtual Worlds with the Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One VR Headset



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Step into amazing virtual worlds and experience the thrill of total immersion with the Meta Quest 2. This advanced VR headset delivers a state-of-the-art gaming and entertainment experience, allowing you to explore expansive virtual environments and interact with incredible realism.

With its revolutionary design and powerful technical capabilities, the Quest 2 offers the most intuitive and liberating VR experience on the market. Its refined ergonomics and newly redesigned Touch controllers give you natural, lifelike control as you game, create, socialize and engage with digital worlds.

Total Immersion with 3D Positional Audio, Hand Tracking and Intuitive Controls

At the heart of the Meta Quest 2’s realism is its engrossing sound and motion technology. Built-in 3D positional audio places sounds all around you with pinpoint accuracy, adding depth and dimension for unbelievable immersion. The intuitive Touch controllers respond to your natural movements with precision tracking, allowing you to point, gesture and interact seamlessly.

With hand tracking technology, you can even navigate menus and environments using just your hands – no controller required. These groundbreaking features work in unison to erase the boundaries between physical and virtual. Your movements and actions translate directly into the digital world for a heightened sense of presence.

Access an Ever-Expanding Library of VR Games, Apps and Experiences

Discover an incredible range of VR content with the Meta Quest 2. With over 500 titles to choose from, there are immersive games, fitness apps, social spaces and entertainment experiences to suit every interest. Big-name VR titles put you at the center of the action in heart-pounding gameplay. Unique, Quest-exclusive releases offer one-of-a-kind adventures.

Experience total freedom as you travel worlds in fantasy epics, face jump scares in horror adventures or team up with friends in multiplayer arenas. Step into incredible VR exercise programs and games that make working out fun and social. Attend live events, hang out with friends or jump into creative tools to sculpt and paint in 3D space. The possibilities are endless.

Blazing Fast Performance and Stunning Visuals

With a powerful Snapdragon XR2 Platform processor and high-resolution LCD display, the Quest 2 delivers silky smooth gameplay and impressive graphics. As the action ramps up around you, you’ll experience responsive performance that enhances immersion.

Crisp 1832×1920 pixels per eye, with 50% more pixels than the original Quest, reveal ultra-detailed, cinematic visuals. With a fast-switch LCD display and a lightning-quick processor, scenes render fluidly with minimal blurring or lagging. Even in richly detailed VR worlds, visuals stay razor sharp.

Intuitive Set Up and Controls for Portable, Wire-Free VR

The Meta Quest 2 makes jumping into virtual worlds simple. With its refined design and integrated components, the headset sets up in just a few minutes. Just download the Oculus app on your compatible smartphone to pair your device and get started.

Built for freedom, the Quest 2 operates completely wire-free. Without the need to connect to a PC or console, you can take it anywhere with ease. Play standing or sit back and rotate the visor to find your perfect viewing angle.

The redesigned Touch motion controllers are lightweight and ergonomic. With intuitive button placement and haptic feedback, they allow for natural, comfortable control. The adjustable strap ensures a secure yet flexible fit.

Immersive All-In-One Design with Safety Features

As an advanced all-in-one system, the Meta Quest 2 integrates everything into one convenient headset. High-speed VR processing, 3D graphics rendering, positional audio, Guardian safety system and Touch controls eliminate external wires, sensors or hardware. Just grab and go whenever inspiration strikes.

For your safety and peace of mind, built-in Guardian technology lets you set a designated VR play area. If you approach the boundary, it alerts you so you can center yourself again without removing the headset. Port the headset to any room and enjoy the same intuitive protection.

Experience a New Reality

Step into the incredible worlds of VR with the Meta Quest 2 and unlock a whole new way of playing, creating and connecting. With game-changing all-in-one design and immersive capabilities, this advanced headset delivers the most liberating, visually stunning VR experience. Explore amazing new digital worlds or join friends in multiplayer adventures that come to life all around you. The possibilities are endless with the Meta Quest 2.


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