Illuminate Your Property at Night with HooRior Motion-Sensing Solar Powered LED Flood Lights



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Keep your home bright and secure after dark with the HooRior Motion Activated Solar LED Flood Lights. These upgrades solar-powered security lights feature powerful illumination and intelligent motion-activation.

The HooRior solar flood light system provides 270° of total coverage with four adjustable LED light heads. Each head contains 48 brilliant LEDs for a combined output of 188 LEDs and 3000 lumens of motion-activated lighting.

Strategically place the lights to fully illuminate walkways, driveways, yards, gardens, patios, and other exterior areas. The built-in motion sensor detects activity up to 40 feet away, turning on the floodlights automatically after sundown.

Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of these customer-favorite solar powered security lights from HooRior.

Dual PIR Sensors for Enhanced Motion Detection

What sets the HooRior flood lights apart is the dual passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors.

Most solar lights have a single sensor, but the dual PIR detectors on the HooRior provide expanded 180° motion detection for superior coverage. The sensors work in tandem to detect heat and movement up to 40 feet away.

Once triggered, the floodlights shine at full 3000 lumen brightness. They stay illuminated for approximately 25-35 seconds after each motion detection before dimming back down.

Extra-Large High-Efficiency Solar Panel

Capturing enough sunlight is crucial for solar lights to stay powered throughout the night. The HooRior floodlight has an upgraded tempered glass solar panel that measures 10 x 6 inches.

The oversized high-efficiency panel converts more of the sun’s rays into usable energy. It recharges the built-in lithium-ion battery faster than standard panels.

A clean panel free of dirt, dust, and debris guarantees optimal solar absorption. The tempered glass material is durable and weather-resistant.

4-Head Adjustable Design for 270° Coverage

Strategically positioning solar flood lights is made easy by the HooRior’s adjustable 4-head configuration. Each LED head can tilt and swivel to target different areas.

Aim them to converge for focused lighting or scatter them in separate directions to blanket up to a 2400 square foot space. The flexibility lets you tailor the 270° illumination precisely to your property’s needs.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

The HooRior solar floodlight withstands the elements with an IP65 waterproof rating. The LEDs and internal components are encased in a rugged weatherproof housing.

Rain, snow, and moisture won’t affect the performance or lifespan of these outdoor solar lights. The water-resistant construction also resists dust and insects.

You can install the HooRior floodlights using the included mounting hardware without worrying about exposure to the elements. The tempered glass solar panel is also waterproof.

3 Flexible Lighting Modes

Take control of the solar floodlight’s operation using the built-in selector switch:

– Motion Activation Mode: Light dims to 10% brightness and fully illuminates to 3000 lumens when motion is detected at night

– Always On Low Mode: Stays dimly lit at 10% brightness for 8 hours at night

– Always On Slight Mode: Illuminates faintly at 3% brightness at night with motion-triggered brightening

Choose which setting best suits the lighting needs of your home’s exterior on a given day or night. Having options adds convenience and flexibility.

Reliable 18650 Lithium Battery

Powered by a high-capacity 2,500 mAh lithium-ion battery, the HooRior floodlight runs all night when fully charged. Lithium batteries outperform and outlast cheaper nickel-cadmium batteries.

The battery efficiency combines with the oversized solar panel to extend operating time. Fully charged, the light provides up to 12 hours of motion-activated lighting per night.

With the solar panel continuously recharging the battery during daylight hours, the floodlight system works maintenance-free year-round.

Durable Waterproof IP65 Construction

Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the HooRior LED floodlight has a rugged ABS plastic housing rated IP65 waterproof.

The sealed design keeps out rainfall, snow, dust, and insects, ensuring long-lasting performance. Mount the light anywhere outside, even in wet areas. The tempered glass solar panel also repels water efficiently.

You’ll enjoy bright automated lighting without maintenance or electrical wiring for security and convenience all year round. Each light comes backed by a 2-year HooRior warranty.

Purchase the HooRior Motion Sensor Solar LED Flood Lights risk-free today!


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