Hape Pound & Play Xylophone Bench – Award Winning Toddler Pounding Toy for Musical Fun & Development



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The Hape Pound & Play Xylophone Bench is an exciting multi-functional musical toy that provides toddlers with hours of pounding, tapping, and xylophone playing fun! This interactive bench promotes music exploration, fine motor skills, cause and effect learning, and more all in one toy.

The bench seat lifts up to reveal a colorful xylophone that slides out for easy access. The xylophone has 8 bright keys that make crisp, clear notes when tapped with the included xylophone mallet. Toddlers will love experimenting with the different tones and creating their own songs. When they need a break from the xylophone, they can simply slide it back into the bench.

The top of the bench has a pounder side with cutout holes that are sized for the 5 included balls. Toddlers can drop the balls into the holes and pound away with the safe pounder to hear them rattle and ring the xylophone keys below. This allows for open-ended and imaginative play as toddlers explore cause and effect concepts. The pounder is attached to the bench so it is always within reach.

Ball fetching fun can also be had by tilting the bench upward. As the bench tilts, the balls will go rolling and ringing down the xylophone keys back into the ball catch at the base. Toddlers will delight in retrieving the balls and starting the rolling and ringing all over again. This play encourages gross motor skills and coordination.

The Hape Pound & Play Xylophone Bench is made from solid wood with a natural finish. The construction is durable to withstand banging and pounding play. Rounded edges keep little hands safe. Hape uses child-safe paints and finishes, so you can rest assured the materials are non-toxic. This toy has won numerous awards for its high quality and benefits to early childhood development.

This versatile musical activity center is ideal for toddlers ages 12 months to 3 years old. It measures 14 x 11 x 10 inches and weighs just 5 pounds, so it has a compact footprint that can fit in playrooms or bedrooms. Assembly is quick and easy with the included instructions.

The benefits of the Hape Pound & Play Xylophone Bench include:

– Develops fine motor skills through xylophone playing, pounding, and ball manipulation

– Promotes hand-eye coordination as toddlers grasp balls and pounder

– Encourages musical creativity, exploration, and recognition of cause and effect

– Tilting bench feature helps build gross motor skills and coordination

– Durable wood construction made from quality child-safe materials

– Award-winning design provides open-ended play possibilities

– Compact size for use in various play areas

Give your toddler the gift of music with the Hape Pound & Play Xylophone Bench. They will love banging out tunes, rattling the balls, and fetching them as they roll down the keys. The interactive features allow for solo play or playing alongside parents and siblings. It provides endless opportunities for your little one to have fun while developing fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect learning, and early music skills.


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