HAINANSTRY Oversized Plant Freeze Protection Covers, 10x30ft



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Give your outdoor plants ultimate armor against old man winter with the HAINANSTRY Oversized Plant Freeze Protection Covers.

These heavy-duty plant blankets provide a formidable barrier against frost, snow, ice, and wicked winds so your plants stay thriving through even the harshest winter months.

Blanket Your Garden in Extreme Cold Weather Protection

With an extra-large 10ft x 30ft size, these plant covers truly blanket your entire garden, flower beds, or rows of vegetation in serious insulating power.

The ultra durable, non-woven 1.0325 oz/sq polypropylene fabric is thick enough to trap heat while still allowing air, light, and moisture to penetrate so your plants can continue photosynthesizing.

Water-resistant and UV-stabilized, the fabric holds up to heavy snow, wind, rain, and sun exposure without tearing or degradation over the seasons.

Shield Plants Down to 20°F (-6.7°C)

While some flimsier covers only protect to around 30°F, the dense poly material of the HAINANSTRY plant blankets keeps insulating even when temperatures dip down to 20°F (-6.7°C).

They trap rising warmth from soil and plant respiration to create a greenhouse effect underneath. Your plants stay a full 2-3 degrees warmer than unprotected vegetation, preventing cell damage from freezing.

Give your cold-sensitive potted plants, perennials, shrubs, trees, and vegetable plants a fighting chance at thriving through frigid winters.

Quick and Easy Installation

Securing these covers is a cinch with the built-in pockets and rubber band hem. Simply place the fabric over your plants and slide lightweight frames, hoops, or stakes through the pockets to keep it elevated and prevent crushing your plants.

Use rocks, bricks, garden staples, or ground stakes to firmly secure the weighted hem around the plant perimeter. This locks in warmth while keeping wind from sneaking underneath.

For row coverage, secure the long edges with stakes or soil and overlap covers by at least 6 inches so no gaps leave plants exposed.

Reusable Cold Weather Protection

These frost protection covers are built to last many seasons. Their tightly woven material prevents ripping, fraying, and deterioration over time and use.

When winter is over, simply fold them up and stash away for next year’s use.

Why invest in new disposable plastic or flimsy cloth covers every year when these lasting plant blankets provide heavy-duty protection winter after winter?

Stylish Protection that Complements Any Landscape

The neutral off-white color and clean draping fabric blend right into your landscape, adding a touch of cozy texture rather than being an eyesore.

Much more attractive than scrappy sheets, tarps, or haphazard plant wrapping, these covers lend a unified, decorative look to your winter garden.

Their subtle style even allows you to leave them on when expecting guests, protecting your plants from cold snaps in style.

Maximize Winter Garden Success and Beauty

Don’t let frost nip your beautiful landscape in the bud. Keep plants thriving through winter with the lasting power of HAINANSTRY Oversized Plant Freeze Protection Covers.

Your garden will stay healthy and flourish come springtime!


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