GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator for Baby – Electric Nose Sucker Makes Nasal Care Easier



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Help your little one breathe easy with the GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator for Baby. As any parent knows, when baby gets a stuffy nose it can be miserable for everyone. The GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator provides fast, gentle, and effective nasal congestion relief to help your baby breathe clearly again.

Gentle Suction Designed by Pediatric ENT

The GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator features a patented design developed by a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor to be gentle on your baby’s sensitive nasal passages. It comes with 3 soft, flexible silicone tips in different sizes to fit baby’s little nose comfortably. The tips conform to the nasal cavity for maximum suction without irritating the delicate inner nasal surface.

Adjustable Suction For All Types of Mucus

With 3 suction levels to choose from, you can adjust the suction power as needed for thin mucus or thick boogers. The low setting works great for light, watery mucus while the high setting provides extra suction power to clear tougher mucus or stubborn boogies quickly and efficiently. No more painfully sucking out mucus with a bulb syringe!

Safe, Hygienic, and Easy to Use

The GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator keeps mucus away from baby’s mouth and your mouth too. Its anti-backflow design prevents anything from being suctioned into the machine. The removable, transparent mucus chamber is easy to clean with soap and hot water.

Using the nasal aspirator is quick and simple:

  • Choose the silicone tip that fits your baby’s nostril size.
  • Apply a small amount of saline drops or spray to baby’s nostril to loosen mucus if needed.
  • Turn on the aspirator and gently insert the silicone tip into baby’s nostril, pressing lightly to form a seal.
  • Allow the mucus to be suctioned into the clear chamber – you may see mucus, boogers, and even saliva get suctioned out.
  • Clean out the chamber when finished and rinse the silicone tip in hot, soapy water.

It’s that easy! The quiet motor won’t startle your little one and the see-through chamber lets you monitor progress.

Light and Music for Soothing and Distraction

To make nasal aspiration more comfortable for baby, the GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator features lights and music. The lights illuminate the tip while in use while soothing lullabies play to distract and calm your little one. Parents report the music and lights help relax their babies during nasal suctioning. What a clever design!

Rechargeable Battery Lasts for Days

This nasal aspirator doesn’t require disposable filters or batteries. It contains a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 30 days of use per charge. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge fully. A USB charging cable is included.

The nasal aspirator is lightweight and portable. It comes with a storage case so you can easily pack it in your diaper bag or take it along when traveling. The handy storage case keeps all the parts together in one place.

A Parent Favorite!

With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, the GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator is a favorite with parents for relieving baby’s stuffy nose. Here’s what they’re saying:

“This product is amazing! My baby hates when I try to use the bulb syringe to suction boogies. He cries and pushes me away. But with this he doesn’t mind at all!” – Mary L.

“I wish I had this with my first child. It’s so quick and easy to use. I love the different suction levels.” – Sarah P.

“The music feature is genius! It definitely captures my baby’s attention while I suction her nose. She barely notices what I’m doing.” – Amanda D.

Order the GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator Today!

Don’t struggle with stuffy noses any longer. Bring home the safe, effective relief of the GROWNSY Nasal Aspirator and make nasal care easier on both you and baby. This parent-approved electric nose sucker will become a must-have for your baby care toolkit.


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