Grow a Bountiful Garden Year-Round with POTEY’s All-in-One Raised Bed Greenhouse System



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Get ready to harvest fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and more – even through cold winter months or hot summers – with POTEY’s raised garden bed kit. This space-saving gardening system includes a sturdy galvanized steel raised bed, detachable greenhouse covers, and built-in ventilation to create the ideal microclimate for plants to thrive.

Maximize Your Growing Space

Raised gardens allow you to grow a wide variety of plants in a small footprint without having to bend down or weed. The durable steel frame elevates your garden about 2 feet off the ground so you can tend to plants from a standing position. No need to kneel or strain your back!

With 5.4 square feet of growing area, there’s plenty of room for all your favorites. The 1.6 foot width makes it easy to reach across to the center for planting, weeding, and harvesting. Grow tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, carrots, strawberries, herbs – if you can dream it, you can grow it!

The vertical sides are ideal for training vining plants like cucumbers, beans, peas, and squash. Add a trellis inside your greenhouse to maximize vertical growing space.

Weatherproof Greenhouse Extends Your Growing Season

The included portable greenhouse covers transform your raised bed into a mini greenhouse. Use the clear polyethylene cover to trap heat during cold months. Vent excess humidity by propping up the sides.

In warmer weather, the netted poly cover provides shade and ventilation while keeping critters away from your ripening crops. With protection from the elements, you can start seeds or transplants earlier in spring and harvest later into fall.

Innovative Features Promote Healthy Plant Growth

This raised garden bed is thoughtfully designed with features that optimize growing conditions for your plants.

– Galvanized steel walls won’t corrode or leach chemicals into soil.
– Drainage holes prevent waterlogging and allow fresh air circulation to plant roots.
– Connecting rods reinforce the middle walls to prevent bowing or collapse.
– Use with or without landscape fabric to control weeds.
– Can be used outdoors or indoors with sufficient sunlight from a window.

The rust-resistant galvanized steel looks great in any yard or patio and won’t rot, crack, or peel like wood beds. With proper care, your raised bed will provide years of productive gardening.

Grow Organic Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs With Ease

Raised garden beds make gardening accessible to people of all ages and mobility levels. The vertical sides reduce the need to weed so you have more time to enjoy watching your garden grow!

Customize the soil mix with organic compounds to grow the healthiest, most nutritious edibles right at home. Avoid chemicals, pesticides, and soil borne diseases plaguing ground level plots. Know exactly what’s going into the food you feed your family.

Get your kids excited about fresh foods by allowing them to select plants and help tend to the garden. Use it as a science lesson by tracking plant growth and pollinators!

Compact Size Works in Any Outdoor Space

This complete raised garden system is designed for urban and suburban gardens where space is limited. At just over 5 feet long, it fits perfectly in courtyards, patios, balconies, or yards.

Place it right next to your kitchen door for easy access when cooking. Grow your most used herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, and cilantro within arm’s reach.

For cold climates, position it against a heated wall or foundation. The thermal mass will protect plants from frosty nights. Add extra insulation and warmth by securing the greenhouse cover.

Wheel it around on casters or keep it stationary – the portable design goes wherever you need it!

Simple Do-It-Yourself Assembly

Forget complicated kits with unclear instructions. This raised garden bed assembles in minutes with easy bolt-together construction.

All hardware and components are included. Simply align the panels, insert the bolts, and tighten them securely with the included wrench.

Two people can make quick work of putting it together. Lift each side panel and lock them into place. Install the connecting rods for extra stability. Then fill with soil and you’re ready to plant!

Grow a bountiful garden with the POTEY Raised Bed Greenhouse System!

– Durable galvanized steel raised bed
– 5.4 sq. ft. growing area
– Greenhouse covers extend growing season
– Built-in ventilation and drainage
– Assembles in minutes, no tools required


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