Green Essentials 100 Pack Wood Grain Effect T-Style Plant Tags – Waterproof Plastic Garden Markers for Indoor & Outdoor Potted Plants



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Organize and identify your indoor and outdoor plants with these custom wood-look plant tags from Green Essentials. The 100-pack set includes T-shaped plastic tags measuring 3.9 x 2.4 inches along with a marker pen, providing ample labels for all your gardening needs.

The tags replicate a natural wood grain finish that seamlessly blends in with potted plants and gardens. The faux bois pattern brings an earthy, rustic look compared to stark white plastic tags. Stain and fade-resistant, the woodsy aesthetic maintains its beauty season after season.

Constructed from premium thick PVC plastic, these plant tags are durable and weather-resistant. The waterproof material holds up to sun, rain, and snow. It won’t crack, mold, or rot like real wood. Reuse tags year after year for an eco-friendly choice.

Writing by hand directly on the tag leaves crisp, legible labels that won’t smear or wash away. The smooth non-porous surface adheres marker ink beautifully. Just wipe clean and rewrite as plants mature or get relocated.

Identify your plants with common or botanical names. Note the date when planted or transplanted. Mark seeds or bulbs to track sprouting times. Help visitors learn about your plant collection and display proper plant care.

Bring organization to your greenhouse, garden beds, potted plants, and more. Categorize fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Separate annuals and perennials. Group succulents and cacti. Customize tags to reflect your gardening style.

Made from BPA-free plastic, these plant tags are safe for use around food plants. No chemicals leech into surrounding soil or plant material.

Durable construction allows tags to be saved and reused season after season. Fold up compactly to store over winter.

For convenience, a black permanent marker is included to write on your new plant tags straight away. Additional markers in various colors sold separately allow color coding your gardening zones.

Get your outdoor and indoor gardens neatly organized with personalized labels. Mark your territory with funny sayings and creative names. Take the guesswork out of plant care and display proper watering needs.

Green Essentials provides quality gardening and landscape supplies for hobbyists and professionals alike. Their plant tags, burlap, decorative pots, tools, and more are built to last. Enjoy beautiful, functional products designed by gardeners for gardeners.

For a tidy garden that makes plant care easier, bring home these essential wood grain plant tags. The ample quantity covers all your labeling needs at an excellent value. Transform your plant collection into a personalized work of art.


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