GOOTOP Bug Zapper – The Ultimate Outdoor Electric Mosquito and Fly Killer



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Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors! But nothing ruins a nice evening on the patio more than annoying mosquitoes and flies buzzing around. Take back your outdoor space with the GOOTOP Bug Zapper – the safe, effective way to get rid of mosquitoes, flies and other annoying flying insects!

Attracts and Eliminates Mosquitoes, Flies & More

The GOOTOP Bug Zapper uses a blue-violet light to attract all types of flying insects like mosquitoes, gnats, midges, horse flies, fruit flies, moths and more. When they get close to the light, the high-voltage electric grid zaps them on contact for quick, mess-free elimination. This EPA-registered insect killer is a chemical-free way to control bugs around your home.

No More Messy Sprays or Smelly Traps

Say goodbye to smelly sprays, lotions, candles and traps! The GOOTOP Zapper kills and eliminates flies and mosquitoes without any odor or mess. The dead bugs fall into a tray below so there’s no need to handle insect carcasses or have dead bugs lying around your patio or yard.

Safe Around Kids & Pets

No more worrying about your kids or pets being exposed to harsh chemicals from bug sprays and foggers. The GOOTOP Zapper uses electricity to kill bugs, not chemicals or pesticides. The enclosed design keeps fingers away from the grid while the mosquito light attracts insects away from you and your family.

Lightweight, Compact & Portable

At just 1.1 lbs, the GOOTOP Zapper is super lightweight and easy to hang up anywhere. The compact 10.6 x 6.3 x 11.4 inch size lets you install it on patios, balconies, pergolas, garages, barns, tents, camping sites and more. Take it along on camping trips or use it at home all summer long!

Flexible Installation

Install the GOOTOP Zapper using the integrated hanging ring or standing mount. Plug it into any standard outlet with the 6 foot power cord. No warm up time is needed, it starts working immediately once plugged in to attract and zap bugs.

Covers up to 1/2 Acre

The 80W blacklight bulb in the GOOTOP Zapper provides ultraviolet light that attracts annoying flying insects from up to a half acre away. One zapper can protect your entire backyard!

Easy Maintenance

The removable tray collects dead insects for fast and easy cleanup. Just detach the tray and wipe or rinse away bugs with the included cleaning brush. Bulb is replaceable when it becomes less effective at attracting insects.

We Stand Behind It

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the GOOTOP Bug Zapper. We provide a 45 day money back guarantee along with friendly USA based customer service. Get rid of mosquitoes and enjoy your yard again!

Order the GOOTOP Bug Zapper Now and Enjoy Your Yard Again!


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