Good’N’Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs for Dogs – Chicken, Duck & Liver Wrapped Rawhide Chews (1.5 lb)



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Treat your dog to a savory chewing delight with Good’N’Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs! These unique rawhide chews are wrapped with real chicken, duck and chicken liver for a burst of protein dogs love. At 1.5 pounds per bag, there are plenty of kabobs to keep your dog happy for weeks.

The irresistible combination of rawhide and pork hide forms a long-lasting chew that helps reduce tartar buildup as your dog gnaws and nibbles away. Give your pup a kabob and watch him get to work on stripping off those delicious meaty wrappers for a treat within a treat!


Real chicken, duck and chicken liver coat these kabobs, providing a savory depth of flavor in every bite. Dogs naturally crave animal protein, and these three irresistible flavors satisfy their instincts.

The chicken and duck deliver essential amino acids for strong muscles, while the chicken liver provides vitamin A for healthy skin and coat. It’s a hearty protein punch packed into one chew!


The rawhide and pork hide forming the chewable kabob core provide more than just long-lasting entertainment. As your dog works the chew, the abrasive action helps scrape away tartar and plaque buildup on teeth.

The natural chewing motion also produces saliva, which balances mouth pH and promotes good oral health. Chewing kabobs is a great way to supplement your dog’s dental routine between brushings!


You can feel good knowing these kabobs are made right here in the USA. That means each batch is crafted under strict quality and safety standards that some foreign manufacturers don’t adhere to.

USA-sourced ingredients ensure these chews are free of harmful contaminants you may find in imported chews. Give your dog a treat you can trust!


While all dogs love a good chew, these kabobs are specially formulated for adult dogs. The size and texture help promote healthy teeth and gums in mature dogs.

Supervise your dog while chewing to prevent large pieces from breaking off and causing a choking hazard. For smaller dogs, size the chew to an appropriate length.


To prevent upset stomach, limit your dog to one Good’N’Fun Triple Flavor Kabob per day. These high protein chews are quite filling! Monitor your dog’s consumption and adjust as needed.

Take the kabob away if it becomes a choking hazard or shows signs of wearing down. Discard any unused portion after a few days. Always provide plenty of fresh water when giving chews.

Give your dog something exciting to sink his teeth into! Good’N’Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs offer a long-lasting, protein-enriched chewing experience. Your dog will love unwrapping these savory, wholesome treats. Order a bag today!


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