Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads, 23″x23″ Super Absorbent Training Pads for Dogs, 100 Count Odor Control Potty Pads with Attractant for Housebreaking – Leakproof Protection



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Potty training a new puppy can be a tedious and messy process. But with the right tools, like these Glad for Pets black charcoal training pads, you can simplify housetraining while keeping floors clean and odor-free!

Specifically designed for puppies and small/medium dogs, each pad measures 23″ x 23″ to provide ample space for your pet. The 100 pad bulk pack ensures you’ll have a steady supply for all your training needs.

Read on to see what makes these ultra-absorbent puppy pads so effective for hassle-free potty training and pet cleanliness.

Super Absorbent to Lock in Liquids

The ultra-absorbent core instantly turns messes into gel on contact to prevent leaks, puddles, and tracking. The pad’s porous inner layer pulls moisture away from the surface into the absorbent center.

Even large puppy puddles are no match for these Glad pads! They can hold over 50 ounces of liquid while keeping your floors dry and clean.

Odor Neutralizing Charcoal Infusion

Potty pads can get stinky, which is the last thing you want inside your home. That’s why these pads feature an infusion of activated charcoal, known for its incredible odor eliminating powers.

As your pup uses the pad, the charcoal grains actively attack and trap odor molecules within tiny pores so you don’t have to smell accidents around the house. No more air freshener required!

Pheromone Attractant Encourages Natural Potty Instincts

To help your pup identify the pad as the proper potty space, these Glad pads contain a pheromone attractant commonly used for pet housetraining. Dogs innately want to sniff out and “mark” this scent, which tells them “this is the right spot.”

No more stray puddles around the house! The attractant prompts your pup to seek out the pad and consistently use it for their bathroom needs.

Leak Resistant Barriers Contain Messes

Nothing’s worse than a potty pad leak leaving urine stains on your floors! That’s why these Glad pads feature a leak-resistant plastic lining around the absorbent center and edges.

This keeps all moisture locked within the pad, preventing seepage and overflow accidents. No more wiping under the pads every time your puppy uses it. Just pick up and toss!

Built for Paws and Puddles

The top layer has a soft, textured surface for pets’ comfort that won’t rip up from puppy claws. This porous lining allows rapid liquid absorption while letting paws stay dry.

The thick cushion also makes these potty pads gentle on pet paws and joints. Anchored corners lie flat and prevent shifting.

Easy Maintenance and Disposal

Glad for Pets Puppy Pads make housetraining cleaner and simpler! There’s no need to launder or rinse dirty pads – just toss used pads directly into the trash. Change and replace pads 2-3 times per week for optimal results.

The durable leakage barriers also allow you to pick up the pad without the risk of spills or drips. Minimal mess, stress, and odor!

Tips for Successful Potty Training

Combine these effective charcoal training pads with these puppy housetraining tips:

  • Stick to a regular feeding and water schedule to predict when pup needs to go
  • Choose a designated potty spot indoors with a training pad
  • Take your pup to the pad immediately after meals, naps, and playtime
  • Reward with treats and praise every time they use the training pad
  • Avoid scolding for accidents – remain calm and redirect to the pad
  • Be patient! Pups don’t gain full bowel and bladder control until 6 months old

With consistency, your pup will soon get the idea that potty happens on the pad only – not your floors or furniture!

Customers Love Glad Puppy Pads

See why pet owners trust Glad for Pets Training Pads for easy, clean housetraining:

“These puppy pads saved my floors and rugs! Very absorbent and great odor control.”

“The pheromone attractant works wonders at teaching pup where to go. Plus no leaks!”

“Glad pads lock in pee smell so my house stops reeking of dog urine.”

“Much more economical than washing pee cloths or paper towels.”

“My pup took to these pads right away thanks to the scent cue. Highly recommend!”

Order Today for Odor-Free, Leakproof Training

Potty train your new furry friend with less stress and mess using Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads. Each pad absorbs over 50 ounces of liquid while neutralizing odors and preventing leaks. The built-in attractant prompts natural potty instincts for easy training.

Get 100 pads in one convenient bulk pack for your puppy’s bathroom needs. Easy disposal – just toss in the trash when soiled. Shop now to simplify housetraining!


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