GDMINLO 60″ Flexible Dual Scale Soft Vinyl Body Sewing Measuring Tape



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Accurate measurements are essential for any sewing, crafting, or DIY project. This 60″ soft tape measure from GDMINLO takes the guesswork out of sizing with dual inch and centimeter scales printed clearly on white vinyl.

The extra long 60 inch length allows you to measure your body, take clothing measurements, size curtain panels, measure fabric cuts, and more. The soft vinyl gently contours to curves for precise measurements of rounded surfaces like arms, legs, necklines, and waists.

This isn’t your average stiff tape measure. The flexibility of the soft tape allows it to glide smoothly over curves and bend around corners for consistent, accurate measurements. The vinyl material provides durability without ripping or stretching over time.

Sewing and crafting require spot-on precision. This tape measure is printed with large, easy-to-read numbers in black on a white background. The contrast makes size markings clearly visible so you can get exact measurements down to 1/4 inches or 1 mm. No more squinting to read measurements!

A metal stopper at each end reinforces the edges and allows you to hook the tape securely onto surfaces. The stoppers also prevent fraying over time. Portability is built into its slim design – simply fold up the flexible tape and toss it into your bag or sewing kit.

Whether you’re a sewist, quilter, crafter, DIYer, or anyone who needs to measure curved surfaces, this is the tape measure for you. Stop wrestling with stiff, awkward tapes and experience consistent, accurate measurements with this soft, pliable vinyl body and sewing measuring tape.


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