Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter with Extra Strength Gain Scent – 37 lbs Total



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Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with the power of Febreze and Gain in Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter. This extra strength kitty litter combines advanced odor control with the delightful Gain scent you know and love for 10 days of guaranteed odor control in the litter box.

Fights Odors with the Power of Febreze

Fresh Step Advanced uses the odor eliminating power of Febreze with patented Ammonia Block Technology to trap and block ammonia odors from the moment your cat goes potty. Activated charcoal works overtime to absorb urine odors deep within the litter, leaving behind the light, fresh scent of Gain Original. No more holding your breath when you scoop – this litter keeps the stink locked up tight.

Longer Lasting Gain Fragrance

While regular Fresh Step Gain litter provides odor control for 7 days, this Advanced version with extra strength scent boosters provides a full 10 days of litter box freshness. The proprietary Gain fragrance beads are activated by your cat’s paws, releasing more of the signature scent with every use. The ahhh-mazing Gain Original fragrance you love fills your home with a subtle, clean laundry scent.

Advanced Odor Protection Formula

This extra strength formula is our most advanced odor protection system yet. It starts fighting stinky ammonia odors on contact before they have a chance to spread through your home. The advanced odor controllers work overtime to trap odor molecules and prevent them from escaping the litter box. No more holding your breath when you walk by – the litter box smells as fresh as the rest of the house.

99.9% Dust-Free Clumping

Heavy dust clouds while pouring litter can aggravate allergies and make a mess. The extra strength clumping granules in Fresh Step Advanced are 99.9% dust-free to keep your home cleaner. The low dust formula is gentle on sensitive noses but still forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop away. Say goodbye to dusty surfaces and airborne allergens.

Guaranteed 10-Day Odor Control

Fresh Step proudly stands behind this extra strength cat litter formula, guaranteeing 10 full days of odor control in your litter box. From the powerful ammonia blockers to the Gain-scented beads, every part of this kitty litter is engineered for maximum odor control. If you aren’t fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Convenient Large Size

Each box contains 18.5 pounds of extra strength cat litter for a total of 37 pounds, providing lasting value. The convenient handle makes carrying and pouring easy. It’s sized to fit most large litter boxes or plastic tote trays. With less frequent litter changes, you save time and money.

Trusted Brand

As America’s #1 cat litter brand, Fresh Step has been developing innovative odor control litters for over 30 years. From lightweight clay to clumping formulas, they continue to push the limits of litter technology. Pet parents trust the Fresh Step brand to keep their home fresh and their cats happy.

The Gift of Freshness

Surprise and delight a cat lover in your life with the gift of extra strength Fresh Step cat litter. Just imagine their reaction when they scoop the box and smell the clean scent of Gain instead of ammonia odors. Pair it with a new litter box or scoop for a complete litter care package.

Odor Control They’ll Love

Cats have a super sensitive sense of smell, so it’s important to choose a litter that controls odors effectively. Fresh Step Advanced checks all the boxes to keep your home smelling clean without irritating your cat’s nose. They’ll enthusiastically cover their business in litter that actually tackles tough odors.

Easy Litter Box Maintenance

Scooping the litter box is no one’s favorite chore, but this extra strength cat litter makes it hassle-free. The tight clumps are easy to scoop out while the dust-free formula keeps mess to a minimum. Change litter less often and spend more time playing with your furry friend. Proper litter box maintenance contributes to your cat’s good health and happiness.

Clear the Air

Stinky litter box odors can make the air quality in your home unpleasant. Banish bad smells with super charged Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter. The Febreze technology traps odors at the source while the Gain fragrance perfumes the air. Both you and your cat can breathe easy.

Happy Home Habits

Establishing good habits like scooping daily and changing litter regularly will dramatically improve life with your cat. Fresh Step Advanced clumping formula makes box maintenance simple so you can stick to a routine. Cats thrive on routine and litter box cleanliness means healthier cats.

Unlock the power of Febreze and Gain to tackle stubborn litter box odors for 10 straight days. Fill your home with the light, fresh scent of Gain Original while eliminating the stench of ammonia lurking in the litter box. With advanced odor control and 99.9% less dust, Fresh Step Advanced Extra Strength Cat Litter keeps your home smelling as clean as it looks.


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