Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener Refresh & Energize, 0.25 fl. oz., Pack of 4





Tired of dealing with bad odors in cramped spaces? Febreze Small Spaces is the convenient, mess-free solution. This mini air freshener packs a powerful punch to eliminate odors in even the stuffiest nooks and crannies.

Fights Odors in Tight Quarters

Febreze Small Spaces was specially designed for stench-filled areas where odors get trapped. Bathrooms, closets, pet areas, bedrooms – you name it. The compact size allows it to discreetly tackle odors in spots where large air fresheners just won’t fit.

Despite its petite size, it has up to 4X the scent intensity of a leading cone air freshener. Tiny but mighty, this mini marvel conquers stubborn scents so you can breathe easy.

No Mess, No Fuss

Tired of dealing with bulky plug-in or messy sprays? Febreze Small Spaces is the convenient, no-nonsense solution.

Simply clip it up and let it go to work. No dealing with electrical outlets, refills, or batteries. The ingenious design delivers continuous freshness for up to 45 days.

Toss it in your gym bag, office drawer, car, or anywhere odors tend to lurk. Discreet and portable, take it wherever you need a burst of freshness on the go.

Fights Odors, Doesn’t Mask Them

Febreze doesn’t just mask odors, it tackles them head-on to clear the air. The proprietary formula traps and eliminates bad smells at the molecular level.

It cleanses the air by neutralizing odors so you can breathe deep and enjoy the fragrance of freshness. Unlike perfumes or deodorizers that overwhelm with heavy scents, Febreze offers a light, clean aroma.

From smoke to pets to mildew, Febreze banishes odors completely so they’re gone for good, not just covered up.

Energizing Citrus and Light Floral Notes

Feel refreshed with Febreze’s energizing medley of citrus, fruits, and light florals. Crisp lemon, orange, and zesty lime combine to inspire and uplift. Subtle hints of peach, pear, and musk add a touch of sweetness.

Notes of freesia, lily, and wild daisy evoke sunshine to chase away gloom. It’s a vibrant fragrance that renews and revitalizes any space.

Febreze’s revitalizing scent transforms stale, stuffy spaces and leaves them smelling cleaner and crisper. Let the bright aroma fill you with renewed energy and positivity.

Ideal for Home, Office, Car & More

Febreze Small Spaces freshens up odors wherever you need it. Clip one in the bathroom to tackle morning smells after showering. Toss some in your gym bag or locker to keep sweaty stench at bay.

Place them in your bedroom, closet, and laundry room to keep spaces smelling fresh. Use them in your kitchen to eliminate cooking odors. Put them in your car to remove smells from smoking, pets, spills, and more.

Pop one in your office desk or locker to conquer lunch smells or workplace odors. Discreet and portable, take them anywhere you need a mini burst of freshness.

Proprietary Odorclear Technology

Febreze’s advanced formula doesn’t just mask odors, it cleans away smells at a molecular level. Our proprietary Odorclear technology targets and eliminates odor molecules in the air.

The smart chemistry traps odor molecules and breaks them down so they can no longer be detected. As it clears away odors, Febreze leaves behind a light, pleasant scent.

Odorclear destroys bad smells down to the molecular level for odor protection that lasts. Other air fresheners simply overwhelm odors temporarily with heavy perfumes. Febreze attacks the source of odors for next-level freshness.

P&G Quality You Can Trust

With over 180 years of experience, Procter & Gamble is a name you can trust. We meticulously research and test our products to ensure they meet your highest standards.

Febreze is safely formulated to work in occupied spaces so you can freshen as you clean. Our products go through rigorous evaluations to guarantee they’re safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Millions of households worldwide rely on Febreze’s cutting edge innovation to keep their homes fresh. We’re in the business of making sure Febreze exceeds expectations every time.

Easy & Convenient

Refresh your space with zero hassle. Just open the package and clip the Febreze air freshener anywhere. No mess, no fuss.

The innovative, compact design allows it to fit in tight spaces other air fresheners can’t. Toss it in your car, closet, bathroom – small spaces get smelly fast but this little freshener is up for the job.

No electrical outlets, refills, or batteries required. Febreze Small Spaces keeps odors at bay for up to 45 days with no maintenance needed. Just set it and forget it.

Breathe Easy Anywhere

Don’t let nasty niffs weigh you down. With Febreze Small Spaces, you can confidently breathe easy no matter where you are. Toss one in your gym locker after a tough workout, or keep the bathroom smelling fresh between cleanings.

Stash one in the car so you arrive odor-free. Freshen up your bedroom, closet, and other cramped spaces effortlessly. This mini marvel brings maximum freshness anywhere odors tend to linger.

Powerful enough for little spaces, convenient enough to bring anywhere. Febreze Small Spaces makes it simple to fill any room with confidence and take a deep, refreshing breath.


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