Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Classic Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack





Give your cat a taste of the barnyard with the Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Feast Classic Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack. This 30-can pack features a mouthwatering mix of chicken, turkey and beef recipes in smooth pâté your cat will love.

Chicken, Turkey & Beef Pâté Recipes

Made with real chicken, turkey and beef as the #1 ingredient, this wet cat food delivers the delicious flavors cats crave. Tender morsels and finely ground textures create a smooth pâté cats love to lap up at mealtime.

Expertly Crafted Cat Food Recipes

Veterinary nutritionists and food scientists work diligently to formulate Fancy Feast recipes your cat will love. Each wet food variety provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult cats when fed the recommended amount.

100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition

Each smooth pâté recipe contains the ideal blend of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals your adult cat needs. Feed recommended amounts daily to help fuel your feline’s best health.

Protein-Rich Recipes for Vitality

The smooth pâté textures complement the protein-rich recipes, creating a mouthwatering mealtime experience. The optimal protein levels help nourish lean muscles and keep your cat energized.

Gravy Adds Flavorful Moisture

Every Fancy Feast variety is served in a savory gravy for added flavor and moisture. The delicious broths complement the smooth pâtés, adding a burst of flavor cats love.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Crafted with real, high-quality ingredients, this wet cat food contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Feel confident feeding Fancy Feast knowing it’s made without unwanted additives.

Convenient Single-Serve Portions

The 3 ounce cans are perfectly portioned for one meal. Feed one can per 3 to 3-1/2 pounds of body weight daily. Adjust amounts as needed to help your cat maintain an ideal weight.

30 Delicious Varieties

The Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Pack includes these smooth, savory recipes:

  • Chicken Feast in Gravy
  • Chicken & Beef Feast in Gravy
  • Turkey & Giblets Feast in Gravy
  • Beef Feast in Gravy
  • Chicken Liver & Chicken Feast in Gravy
  • Chicken & Liver Feast in Gravy

Complete Meals for Healthy Cats

For best results, serve Fancy Feast wet food as part of your cat’s balanced daily diet. Complete the meal with treats and dry food suited for your cat’s age and activity level.

Trusted Quality from Purina

As the #1 veterinarian recommended pet food brand, Purina’s Fancy Feast recipes are crafted with real poultry, beef and quality ingredients cat parents trust. Upgrade your cat to the Fancy Feast difference today!


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