Fairfield Original Poly-Fil Polyester Fiber Stuffing for Pillows, Plush Toys, Crafts – 16 oz



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Give your pillows that perfect fluffy feel and handmade plush toys an ultra-soft squishy touch with Fairfield Original Poly-Fil Polyester Fiberfill. This premium polyester stuffing provides superior resilience and a smooth, even fill for all your pillow and craft stuffing needs.

The specially engineered, virgin polyester fiberfill offers an optimal balance of comfort, support, and shape retention. Poly-Fil contains no chemical additives or flame retardants, making it a safe hypoallergenic stuffing option. Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials, this fiberfill is environmentally-friendly too!

Fluffiest Pillow Stuffing

Say goodbye to flat, lumpy pillows! Fairfield’s original polyester fiberfill is specially designed to maximize pillow loft and comfort. The silicone-coated fibers slide smoothly against each other to resist clumping and maintain consistent fill distribution. That means your pillows retain their comfortable shape and plush feel wash after wash.

Simply add Poly-Fil to your pillow covers for a cushy night’s sleep. Use it to restuff pillow inserts that have flattened over time. Fluff existing pillows by adding a bit more fairy-like fiberfill. Your head, neck, and shoulders will thank you for the ultra-comfy support.

Plush as Can Be Stuffed Animal Filling

Crafters love Fairfield’s Original Poly-Fil for stuffing handmade plush dolls, animals, decorative pillows, and more. The premium polyester fiberfill offers just the right amount of squish and spring. Your handmade creations will delight with their soft, huggable feel.

The smooth, proprietary fiber blend fills out projects evenly for better shape retention. Items maintain their fluff without bulky lumps or pancake-like flattening. Use Poly-Fil for the perfect amount of squish in teddy bears, rabbits, decorative throw pillows, Christmas stockings, and more.

Easy to Use Fiberfill Stuffing for Crafts

Fairfield’s polyester fiberfill is effortless to use for all your DIY craft stuffing needs. Simply pull off desired amounts of the lightweight fill and gently stuff your projects. The fibers smooth out easily for even coverage.

As you work, lightly shake and fluff the fiberfill to create that perfect plush texture. Poly-Fil conforms readily to fill dimensional shapes like animal legs and heads. Crafters also love using it for “cloud” decor, faux gift box fillers, and whimsical holiday gnomes and snowmen.

Safe, Hypoallergenic and Made in the USA

Original Poly-Fil is made in the USA using the highest quality manufacturing standards. It contains absolutely no chemical additives or flame retardants.

The 100% polyester fiberfill is completely hypoallergenic and safe even for children’s toys and pillows. Parents can rest assured that babies and kids won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Fairfield takes pride in making its fiberfill from start to finish right here in the USA. Production uses 100% recycled plastic bottles, keeping waste out of landfills.

Tips for Using Poly-Fil Fiberfill

  • Gently shake and fluff stuffing periodically as you fill projects.
  • Avoid over-stuffing to prevent stretching/distorting. Leave a little room for the fibers to loft.
  • For best results, use a firmly woven outer fabric with a tight weave.
  • Re-fluff or add more Poly-Fil as needed if projects lose shape over time.
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle, air dry or tumble dry low.

Give your pillows and crafts that plush, cozy feel with Fairfield’s original polyester fiberfill stuffing. Your home decor and handmade creations will thank you!


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